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The Zebra F-301 Compact is one of the most convenient ways to add a pen to your daily loadout. It can expand to a full size for a comfortable writing experience, and when you’re done, retract back to a pocketable 3.85“ that you can easily slip into a pocket or bag compartment. The F-301 Compact is part of Zebra’s series of popular metal pens, and its stainless steel body gives it the durability needed to take on the wear and tear of everyday carry. For even more convenience, the grip part of the pen comes with an anti-slip surface for better handling during use.

Out of the box, the F-301 Compact comes with a black 0.7mm fine point refill to lay down smooth lines onto paper. To finish things off, an integrated steel pocket clip takes care of additional carry options. At just over six dollars (at the time of writing), the F-301 Compact offers tremendous value, convenience, and durability for your EDC. Pick one up at the link below.

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