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With the rising popularity of online shopping and cashless checkouts in stores in recent years, you can probably pay for most of your daily purchases without needing to use cash. This in turn has made people’s wallet needs change, so they often ditch the old bulky leather wallet for something slimmer and designed with credit cards in mind. AKEENi (formerly known as STOW) created the XSTO wallet with the aim to be “the last wallet you’ll ever need” thanks to its thoughtful design and minimal footprint perfect for EDCers looking to downsize their wallet and maximize their pocket space.

XSTO Wallet

Measuring in at 3.75“ by 2.3”, the XSTO Wallet is only slightly bigger than a standard sized credit card, staying true to its core principle. However, it’s not enough to stay small for a minimal wallet. It also needs to stay lightweight, which is why the XTSO is built in the USA entirely from aluminum and stainless steel. The combination of metals hits a sweetspot of durability and light weight, coming in at just 1.3 ounces in its streamlined form factor that easily slips into your pocket until you need it.

XSTO Wallet

The XTSO leverages the simplicity of its single-piece construction to hold onto your credit cards, business cards and folded bills. This wallet actually features four different sizes so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. Each size can hold up to 4, 6, 8 or 10 cards respectively. Additionally, no matter which size you choose, they’re all capable of carrying 8 bills along with 5 business cards.

XSTO Wallet

Available in 10+ colors, there’s sure to be an XSTO Wallet that suits your EDC style. You can also find up to 4 different accessories to upgrade your XSTO, including a Spring upgrade, a business card cover, a cover plate and a phone mount. Finally, for even more customization, you can personalize the back of your wallet with a simple design of your choosing thanks to AKEENi’s high-tech fabric laser engraving. Pick one up at the link below.

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