The Best New Anker Gadgets to EDC for Remote Work

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Your everyday carry is a part of you, no matter where you happen to be. If you happen to be working from home for the most part, you can still tailor your loadout to help you excel at any task, even if you don’t have to dress up for the occasion. There’s always room for upgrades to your tech collection at home, especially when you can’t just rely on an IT department to get you the gear you need as soon as possible. To that end, Anker has put out some of the best tech EDC essentials and accessories that you can pick up today. In this round-up, we’ll showcase the best gadgets and tech Anker has to offer for your everyday carry to places near and far—from your home office, to your local coffee shop, to your next business trip.

Anker Nano Pro Wall Charger

The Anker Nano Pro features a tiny footprint and a powerful 20 to 40 watt USB-C output depending on how many ports you need and things you need to charge. The 40W power delivery model adds only a slight amount of size to the equation and both have the ability to charge a plethora of devices including your phone, tablet, and laptop nowadays. If you’re stuck with a traditional USB-A charger, this is the upgrade to get.

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Anker Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro True Wireless Earbuds

Anker’s truly wireless Soundcore Libery 3 Pro Bluetooth earbuds feature dual-driver technology with an expanded range of high-res audio certified sound. There’s active noise cancellation that tailors its performance based on the pressure inside of your ear for optimal, distraction-free listening. Because of the shape of the ergonomic tips and the inclusion of four different sizes of silicone ear wings you can get a strong seal and secure grip that won’t fall out of your ears even during more strenuous activity. And with up to 32 hours of playtime you can always be sure you can listen to your next conference call (and participate too, thanks to the microphone) even if you forgot to charge the buds the night before.

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Anker PowerConf C300 Webcam

The best way to deal with having most of your meetings and events taking place online via conference call is to make sure your webcam image is up to par. While your phone, tablet, or laptop might come with a webcam built in, chances are you can get much better picture quality and higher frame rates using a dedicated webcam. Without one, you might find yourself in calls with a blurry image, choppy movement, or unwanted grain in low-light situations when those calls go later into the night. Anker’s PowerConf C300 Webcam is built to deal with all of those problems, and it also comes with a high-quality microphone built in as well. Its autofocus sensor even features AI technology that predicts when it’s supposed to focus in and out based on the image it sees, and it’s even able to automatically adjust to a wider field of view if it detects multiple people just outside of the frame in order to accommodate them in the call as well.

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Anker PowerConf S500 Speakerphone

As much as you might think the speakerphone function on your phone can handle a rowdy meeting, it’s no match for a dedicated speakerphone. If you’re missing the high quality desktop setups you might find at a conference room at your actual office, you can bring some of that magic into your own home (or really anywhere you might find yourself) with Anker’s PowerConf S500 Speakerphone. It offers a portable solution that is able to pickup multiple voices throughout a room with its four built in microphones and VoiceRadar noise cancellation technology that excels at removing unwanted noise in the process. It’s even certified to work with the popular Zoom software, ensuring compatibility. And when you’re not using it for work, you can use it to listen to music because the 1.75″ speakers can actually do a tune some justice, especially if you have two of these units linked together to form a stereo pair.

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