The 12 Best Holiday Gifts for the EDCer in 2021

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It’s just a few more short weeks until December and the holidays, which means we’re all in the home stretches of finding the perfect gifts for ourselves and for our loved ones. To help with the holiday hunt, we’ve teamed up with a lot of great brands this year to give you ideas for your holiday shopping list, and below we’ve put together 12 of our favorite products that would be excellent additions to any everyday carry.

SOG PowerAccess Deluxe

If they love practical gifts, it doesn’t get much more practical than a well-equipped multi-tool such as the PowerAccess Deluxe. With 21 tools, you can be sure that the DIYer on your list won’t be missing anything when they start their next project. They’ll get the usual suspects like needle-nose pliers, a plain edge blade and different kinds of screwdrivers along with heavier-duty newcomers like a wood saw, a serrated knife, and a jewelry driver. Unique to the PowerAccess Deluxe is its compound leverage system, which multiplies the user’s grip strength while using the pliers, reducing the amount of effort needed for a job well done. It comes in a sleek stealth black in high corrosion resistance 5Cr15Mov stainless steel, with a nylon sheath and 12-piece hex bit kit for an all-in-one DIY and EDC ensemble.

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Dango MC01 Titanium Money Clip

If you know the person you’re shopping for still likes carrying cash, a money clip is a great gift idea. But don’t settle for any old money clip—give them something unique, multi-functional, and tough as nails. The Dango MC01 Titanium Money Clip checks all those boxes with its metal plate construction that clamps onto cash for a confident carry. Thanks to titanium’s unique ability to spring back into shape while resisting deformation, the MC01 Money Clip can easily secure folded bills, whether it’s a single note or a fat stack.

And if they need to carry even more, there’s an optional silicone band that can hold onto 30 additional folded bills as well as 10 cards. It’s available in Silver, Black and Gold so you can choose the one that best suits their style.

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Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elite Knife Sharpener

Any knife collector on your list will know that a little knife maintenance and proper sharpening will go a long way in extending the longevity of the blades they cherish so much. And while many professional sharpeners seem intimidating to use, the Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elite was designed to deliver razor-sharp knives with ease in mind. Aside from accessibility, the Precision Adjust Elite also offers a tremendous amount of flexibility, providing 7 different abrasive grits, including fine ceramic and a leather strop.

This, combined with adjustable angles from 15 to 30 degrees allows the user to sharpen each knife according to their specific use; from doing a quick touch-up, to correcting a factory mistake, to giving the knife a mirror-polish. If they’re a knife nut, they’re going to love this sharpener by Work Sharp.

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Ridge Wallet Essential Kit

If you’ve noticed their wallet looks worse for wear and they could use a modern upgrade, look no further than the massively popular Ridge Wallet. To cover their bases, gift them the Ridge Essential Kit with all the fixings. At the heart of the kit, you’ll find Ridge’s iconic wallet, composed of two plates along with an elastic band, allowing them to carry up to 12 cards. Thanks to a 6061-T6 aluminum construction, all the cards inside the wallet will be RFID protected. Along with the wallet, the kit also includes a cavity tray accessory that you can attach to it to carry spare coins and keys.

If they’re the type to still carry cash, they can choose between a cash strap and a money clip to carry folded bills. Finally, for peace of mind, the Essential Kit will also provide Ridge’s “Ridge Care protection” for lost and stolen wallets. Grab one at 40% off from Ridge at the link below.

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Gerber Truss Multi Tool

Gerber’s full-sized Truss multi-tool is an all-inclusive force to be reckoned with in your toolbox, packing 17 functions into its blacked out frame. Its handles are cut from single pieces of steel, skeletonized to keep the overall weight down to 8.4 ounces. But within the lighter weight are heavy-hitting tools, including spring-loaded pliers and scissors, and an ensemble of blades, cutters, openers, and drivers.

There’s even functionality for specialized tasks like a ruler, awl, and file, and a lanyard hole for keeping it close when out of its nylon sheath. And the best part: save for the pliers, all its tools are accessible on the outside of the handles, and lockable to prevent mishaps during tougher tasks. 

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Salomon Outlife Duffel 25

Sometimes people need a bit of time away from the busy life of the city to recharge. Whether that means going on a hiking trip or a weekend getaway, the Salomon Outlife Duffel was designed to be their adventure-ready companion, well-equipped to haul their gear and essentials along for the ride. The Outlife Duffel bag features a 25-liter capacity that’s perfect for short haul trips, divided into a main compartment, a shoe compartment, and multiple pockets.

It can be carried three different ways: over the shoulder, as a backpack, or by hand thanks to a top carry handle. Salomon doesn’t skimp on their high performance, outdoors-ready materials either: the Outlife Duffel combines ballistic nylon, heavy-coated ripstop fabrics and YKK zippers to keep their essentials protected and dry. The Outlife Duffel also comes in 45, 75 and 100-liter sizes to suit all of your needs.  

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My Medic Solo First Aid Kit

If the person on your list is the kind of EDCer who loves to stay prepared for anything, they’ll appreciate the Solo First Aid Kit by My Medic. Its compact 8“ x 5.5” footprint is perfect for carrying in the trunk of a car, inside a larger backpack, or even attached to their belt loop. Despite its portability, the Solo First Aid Kit manages to fit 20+ first aid items inside, conveniently preparing them for all sorts of situations; from cuts and scrapes, insect bites, fevers and stomach pain, burns and other minor injuries. 

Aside from the usual first aid items, the kit also includes the proper tools to accompany them, such as EMT shears, tweezers, a pair of gloves and even a whistle to call for help. If you want a gift that gives peace of mind, the Solo First Aid Kit is sure to please. 

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VSSL JAVA Coffee Grinder

If there’s a coffeehead among your loved ones you’ve probably already heard that they prefer to grind their own beans. However, that might not be an option when they’re at work, on a hiking trip or generally away from their kitchen. That’s why VSSL came up with a solution for this problem in the form of the JAVA Coffee Grinder, a portable coffee grinder ready for the rough and tumble of EDC. Made out of stainless steel and military-grade aluminum, the JAVA Coffee Grinder measures in at 6“ long and 2” in diameter, only slightly longer than a regular soda can.

To help you carry it, it features what they call a “Clip and Flip carabiner.” It’s a convertible handle that pulls double duty as the grinding lever once you attach the magnetized hand grip knob. One minute of grinding gets them one full cup of coffee, making it a quick and easy way to ensure the person on your list gets their quality caffeine fix on the go. Just in time for the holidays, the JAVA Coffee Grinder is now available in three colors, including, black tusk white and predator green.  Check it out at the link below. 

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If the person on your list is an outdoor enthusiast, get them a watch that’s as adventurous as they are. The New G-SHOCK Forged Carbon MUDMASTER GWG2000 is built tough enough to depend on, whether they’re out on the trail or really roughing it in the field. This timepiece features a forged carbon bezel and Carbon Core Guard structure for unmatched durability for its light weight plus sapphire crystal to ensure high visibility. True to its name, the MUDMASTER is equipped for the harshest and most extreme conditions thanks to its dust-, impact-, and mud-resistant construction with 200M of water resistance. 

Wearers can feel more in control of their next adventure with Triple Sensor features including a digital compass, barometer/thermometer, and altimeter. The GWG2000 has the brains to match its brawn in the form of a dozen useful features for timekeeping and data tracking. In the timekeeping aspect they’ll have access to a 1/100-second stopwatch, 5 daily alarms, a countdown timer and world time for 29 time zones + UTC. Of course, the watch keeps accurate time too, thanks to its multi-band 6-radio controlled timekeeping and solar-powered battery.

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Deejo MyDeejo Custom Knives

With so many options to choose from it can be hard to find the perfect pocket knife to gift to that special person on your list. That’s why Deejo stepped up to the task with MyDeejo, their knife customization service featuring a robust catalog of materials, designs and sizes, so you can make your gift truly stand a cut above the rest. Deejo are known for their slim, feather-weight knives, with their lowest offering weighing in at only 15 grams. A 3.7“ blade will take care of almost any everyday task, while a liner lock makes sure it stays in place.

To customize your gift to their tastes, you can choose from three different sizes of knife, three different types of blade finish, over 70 laser-engraved tattoo designs for the blade, multiple handle materials, and even custom text to make the knife that much more special.

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Streamlight® MacroStream® USB

If you’d like to bring a little light into their lives (pun intended), the Streamlight® MacroStream® USB is more than fit for the task. Whether they’re a serious gear head or a practical person who gets things done, they’ll appreciate the MacroStream® USB’s impressive output of 500 lumens and 90-meter range. The MacroStream® USB’s simple operation is ideal for those who want a no-frills tool to get the job done, with its 500-lumen High mode lasting for 2 hours and 50-lumen Low mode that runs for 8 hours.

For carry options, this pocket torch features a pocket clip, which, combined with a reduced weight of 2.2 oz, will make it easy to attach to a hat for hands-free illumination or to practically disappear inside their pockets.

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Kershaw Kapsule Spear Point Pocket Knife

If the person you’re shopping for loves collecting cool, unique knives, they’ll appreciate the Kershaw Kapsule for its OTF (out the front) deployment and low-profile silhouette. The Kapsule mixes the convenience of a utility knife with the robust build of a pocket knife, resulting in a compact OTF knife that delivers the best of both worlds. Its out-the-front manual deployment that works similarly to how a utility blade would work: just push the button-lock and slide it forwards until the 8Cr13MoV blade locks in place.

This is a smaller 1.9“ blade featuring a spearpoint shape with a single edge, making it proficient at piercing and cutting work and legal to carry in more locales. The Kapsule’s beautifully funky yet functional design from renowned knife designer Jens Ansø makes it a great gift any knife nut or EDCer would enjoy.

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