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It’s truly a night and day difference when you switch from crowded pockets with a bulky wallet, loose coins, and miscellaneous small items to a system that lets you carry, organize, and protect your essentials. Dango has been in the game for a while now, but that hasn’t stopped them from putting out innovative items with their signature robust and precise design language. We’ve picked 5 of our favorite items from their comprehensive catalog so you can help yourself and your loved ones with upgrading, organizing, and optimizing your EDCs.

Dango A10 Wallet + Accessories

The A10 wallet is an innovative modular system that lets you mix and match with different accessories, so you’re able to switch the features you need based on the tasks at hand. At the core of the system is an anodized 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum chassis able to hold up to 4 cards, with one side featuring RFID protection and the other an ID window for quick-entry cards.

Thanks to its unique rail system, your or your giftee can attach various other modules like a bifold wallet module, a single-pocket wallet, a pull-pocket adapter, and even a phone adapter plate to always have the features you need when you head out the door. This rail system even allows for extra customizability to fit your style and preference, with addons like wood or G-10 backplates to add a unique flair to your unique wallet setups.

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Dango’s New Machined Writing Tools

New to Dango’s catalog, the Mini Pen and Permanent Marker were constructed with the same precision and rugged construction as most of the brand’s products. In the Mini Pen you’ll find a comfortable and precision-machined aluminum body, providing the user with a satisfying feel in their hands. It remains portable at a compact 4.2“ long, so it’s a natural fit for most pockets. Its use of a Schmidt 4889M ball ballpoint pressurized ink refill ensures write-anywhere reliability just like the rest of its construction.

If you need something a bit bolder (literally), the Dango Permanent Marker upgrades the iconic and dependable Sharpie marker with a robust, machined shell, a significant upgrade from its regular plastic body. Plus where the regular Sharpie clip is fragile and bendable, the Dango Permanent Marker housing offers you a sturdy pocket clip up top that will stand up to use (and abuse). It even has a pointy edge at the tip for opening boxes and envelopes for added convenience, and fits the Sharpie’s use case perfectly as a companion for for processing packaging and deliveries.

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Dango Trays

After a long day outside, people tend to just dump their pockets onto the first table or countertop available. But like the rest of your curated carry, having a right place for everything is the best way to organize your gear until the next outing—the last thing you want is misplacing or damaging your gear by having it fall off a table or the side of your bed. Dango’s trays embrace the adage: “a place for everything and everything in its place” and come in three designs, all of them CNC-machined from a solid piece of aluminum, offering durability and light weight at the same time.

The EDC Tray is the biggest of the three and is built to handle everything from wallet, keys and coins, to headphones and knives, while the Side Tray is a nice complementary tray that can still hold most EDC items in spite of the smaller size. Last but not least is the Cash Tray, a small piece designed to hold cash and coins, featuring rounded edges for easy retrieval. All three are the same height so they’re a natural fit with each other, and all three can be upgraded with anti-slip DTEX pads add grip and protection for each compartment.

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Dango Watches

If the EDCer on your list enjoys an active lifestyle and needs a watch that can keep up with them, Dango offers three models that may suit their speed. Just like the rest of their sturdy accessories, these timepieces by Dango were built with extreme care and attention to detail. You have a choice of the Dive, the Trek, and the Chrono, each with their own different use cases, all of them tough as nails. They share a 45mm case made out of 316L stainless steel and a scratch resistant sapphire glass. They come with reliable Swiss Ronda movements, and also feature a patented interchangeable lug system to make switching bands painless on each and between watches.

If the day’s adventure ends up in the water, the Dive performs with a rotating bezel and 200M of water resistance resistance, as well as a legible and high-visibility hands and dial. If time is of the essence then the timekeeping functions of the Chrono will be up to the task. Last but not least is the Trek, bridging the gap between work and the weekend, in a classic ensemble of steel and premium Horween leather.

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Dango Capsules

Small essentials are inevitably a part of everyone’s EDC. And whether it’s an emergency stash of cash, coins, pills, or even keys, there’s probably a Dango Capsule that can carry it. You have the choice of various sizes and colorways to suit your carry needs, each built around a specific use case. Do you or your giftee tend to carry a lot of coins? The Coin Capsule can hold up to $5.44 in a combination of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.

Need to carry specific medication that can’t be lost? A regular Capsule with an attached lanyard should do the trick, keeping the contents safe from the elements and within reach. And for everything else, there’s multiple sizes of the regular Capsule, all of them built from the same 6061 aluminum or food-safe titanium to be able to protect even the smallest and most critical of contents.

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