Benchmade in 2022: The 15535 Taggedout

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In addition to making some of the most iconic and popular knives for everyday carry, Benchmade also has a long and storied history with their outdoor knives. The hi-vis, high-performance, and heritage aesthetic knives have found their way into many an outdoor kit, and this year a new model joins the adventure. The Taggedout takes cues from both Benchmade’s everyday and outdoor lines to create an interesting and double-duty folder, able to take on tasks both indoor and out.


3.5“ Clip point blade
CPM 154 steel
Ambidextrous thumb slot deployment + AXIS lock
Hi-vis Grivory handles

What we like: Like many of Benchmade’s most popular models, the Taggedout comes with many of the brand’s thoughtful and inclusive usability features, including an ambidextrous deployment, clip, and locking mechanism. And like the Redoubt also making its debut this year, even though the Taggedout is designated as a hunting knife, its core design and solid materials can make a difference no matter where it’s carried. It’s designed to carry and function like the original Bugout, down to the lightweight Grivory handles, which work in its favor when every ounce counts on long hikes or adventures.

The double-duty design has worked well in the past for Benchmade as well, with knives like the Mini Crooked River finding their way into regular EDCs. Even the hi-vis handles can be part of the normal urban ensemble, given how much other aspects of gear are adopting the color, such as hi-vis interiors for modern bags using technical materials. The toughness and resistance that comes with the CPM 154 steel paired with a versatile clip point blade shape are all welcome features as well.

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What we don’t like: With so many similarities to the Bugout save for the blade and its steel, it can be argued that the Taggedout is derivative without bringing much to the table, and your money is better spent on the actual Bugout itself and its many iterations. The orange colorway is also undoubtedly useful in the wild, and more relevant than ever among modern EDC gear, but it’s certainly not for everyone, especially those curating a more subdued set of gear. Benchmade have shown they can successfully cross the divide with knives useful in every environment; time and use will tell if the Taggedout is worth a tag into yours.

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