The Drop: AceBeam Pokelit 1,000-Lumen AA Flashlight

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It’s a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

AA battery-based flashlights are some of our favorites as they often balance output and pocket-friendly EDC-ability. Most of them are able to use off-the-shelf alkalines which are generally pretty available everywhere, can also use convenient and reusable rechargeable NiMH batteries like eneloops, and even make great emergency lights since they’re able to use lithium primary AAs that come with outstanding capacity and shelf life.

And then there are the more enthusiast-level AA flashlights that can even take lithium-ion 14500 batteries, whose increased voltage can really get the lumen numbers up there, such as the case with AceBeam’s new Pokelit AA flashlight. This gray model is new this year and comes as the latest in the line of Pokelits that originally could only push 550 lumens, but the use of a new (note: undisclosed) 6500K LED and an included 14500 li-ion battery allows it to push out a manufacturer-rated 1,000 lumens up to 345 feet while remaining as pocketable as its brethren.

It’s a rock-solid light that ticks all the EDC boxes. It comes with a simple and efficient Low (5 lumens)-Medium (330)-High (1,000~600) interface by way of a forward clicky mechanical tail switch with momentary and mode memory, IP68-rated resistance, USB-C charging on the battery itself, and even makes use of the tougher and more premium 7075 aluminum for its body. And it does all this under $35.

What we like: We love AA lights and the Pokelit gray is one of the best examples of them, offering pocketability, practicality, and sheer power at an affordable price. The light also came out the gate on sale, so it’s definitely one to watch out for as an easy purchase down the line.

What to watch out for: You’re trading the original’s high-CRI 219F 5000K emitter for more output, so if color accuracy is what you need, maybe grab one of the other Pokelit colors instead.

Final verdict: Ticks all the boxes, comes with all the modern flashlight conveniences, and is an extremely easy recommendation for anyone looking for a compact everyday or emergency light.

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