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B102T Micro Tool

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B102T Micro Tool

The B102T Titanium micro tool, Schnelle Engineering’s newest Kickstarter project, is a refreshing departure from the norm in a world of plain, utilitarian pocket tools. It packs a screwdriver, a bottle opener, a pry bar, and a curved package opener into a sleek, aerodynamic form factor that stands apart from the usual straight lines and geometric shapes of other tools. Its computer-aided design and solid titanium construction ensure it’s strong enough for the task at hand, despite its light weight and compact build. Head over to their Kickstarter campaign below to see if it’s worthy of a spot on your keychain.

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White Knight ·
I really admire the groovy shape of this tool. I would imagine that the package opener would work well, and I can see that the bottle opener won't damage the cap if you are a collector, but the inventors admit it will be harder to open the beer. It gets worse, unfortunately, with the two other tool functions. There seems very little leverage to use the screwdriver, and I have my doubts that the pry-bar would remove that nail in the advert. Maybe form over function? I do hope I'm wrong, as it looks wonderful.
Nixon Samuela ·
Yep I agree no leverage for screw and prying...and I also agree that it won't be able to pry out that nail in the advert...looks awfully unstable as shown in pic too