The Tactical Trio

The Tactical Trio

With over 24 functions across 3 tools in his 9th Kickstarter project, Jeff Morin's Tactical Trio takes the EDC mantra of “the right tool for the job” seriously. Rather than taking an all-in-one, jack of all trades approach, the tools—designated Alpha, Bravo, and Tango—instead differ by their primary functions. The Alpha is the tip of the spear, angled in a wedge and ending in drivers and a nail puller. The Bravo's longer and narrower frame positions itself as a better ruler and scraper. The Tango is the smallest of the three, making it the most compact addition to your keychain. Each tool features a full titanium construction, a bottle opener, and carry options in the integrated carabiner or keychain slot. The only task this trio won’t make easier is choosing which one to add to your EDC from their Kickstarter campaign below.

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