Cerberus Titanium Multitool

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Cerberus Titanium Multitool

In Greek mythology, Cerberus was a hellish, three-headed hound guarding the gates of the underworld. In the world of one-piece multitools, however, Cerberus is Schnelle Engineering's latest Kickstarter project, designed to be far friendlier and useful than its namesake. The Cerberus multitool is machined from aerospace-grade steel and titanium with three “heads,” like the fabled canine itself, each ending in primary tools. One ends in a Philips screwdriver, one in a flathead screwdriver and package opener, and the last in a pry tip with a nail notch. Its center is hollowed out to reduce weight, and shaped to accommodate six wrench sizes. A bottle opener also makes an appearance on one of the heads, not unlike Cerberus himself with snakes protruding from his body. No need to go through twelve trials for a handy tool, just check out the Kickstarter project at the link below.

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