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The 25 Best EDC Gifts for Men 2015

The Everyday Carry Holiday Gift Guide

Everyday Carry
The 25 Best EDC Gifts for Men 2015

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If you’re like us, finding the right gear to EDC for ourselves is hard enough. Trying to find a holiday gift for another like-minded EDCer can be daunting, if not utterly exhausting. How do you pick something they’ll appreciate, actually use, and be proud to carry? Our holiday gift guide should help. We’ve broken down 25 gift ideas for any kind of EDCer on your list.

Tactical EDC Gifts

Gear tough enough for active duty or those who put their gear to seriously heavy use.

Classy EDC Gifts

For the carry that has everything, you can't go wrong with these timeless picks.

Tech EDC Gifts

Modern gear for the mobile EDCer.

Outdoors EDC Gifts

Gifts for the outdoorsy types who would rather be on the trail, but still gear up for the city.

Minimalist EDC Gifts

For those on your list with an appreciation for design and simpler living.

We hope you’ve gotten some great gift ideas from this guide. If you found it helpful or want to drop some hints for your own wishlist, please give it a share.

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Jason Davis ·
Does anybody have experience with the Lacquered Brass vs. the Raw Brass Space Pens? Planning to move to brass items and was curious which you prefer
Dan Landin ·
I love my raw brass pen. It has really taken on a nice patina. I'm guessing the lacquered one will stay shiny all of the time. That's that my chrome finished one is for though!
Sam Nehf ·
I very much enjoy the patina my raw brass space pen has taken over the last few months, really gives it a personal look.
I've had both, as raw wasn't available for whatever that was I ordered. The Raw brass takes life, and leaves a really cool pattern.

A friend of mine and I got our zippo's together. As time passed the two were very distinct from one another. That lacquered brass is still shiny (imho boring)