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Jackfish Survival Credit Card Holder

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Jackfish Survival Credit Card Holder

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While thin at just 8.5mm, the Jackfish isn’t quite enough to slip into your wallet; instead, it is your wallet, carrying up to to four cards securely thanks to its spring loaded mechanism. And this is alongside the load of equipment it’s packed with, including a liquid-filled compass, a 120 dB whistle, a windproof match and striker, a glass vial for water purifying iodine, a micro SD flash drive reader (SD card not included) to load with a copy of your passport amongst other documents, three screwdrivers… (via )

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Bryan P. ·
I ordered my Jackfish Survival Wallet several months ago. The purchase confirmation e-mail sent from the company contained a "status" link; however, the link never actually provided any type of update. Attempted to contact the company via e-mail three times over three months and they never responded. I just disputed the credit card charge today--I'm fed up with waiting and at this point am not sure if they just have horrible customer service or whether this was some type of overseas scam to get $110 of my money. Buyer beware of this company.
Juan ·
It was a nice concept, but the company has failed to deliver. It left many on kickstarter with no product or updates. Hopefully you can recoup your funds from your credit card company because those on kickstarter are not being helped at all.
Jeramiah Gladden ·
You know, if that Spyderco's thumbhole was a hex you could use it with the bits. :-)
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