Phorce Pocket Wallet

Phorce Pocket Wallet

As tech gets smaller and lighter, electronics are finding an important place in our EDCs. But once they’re out of battery, they become less of a gadget and more of a paper weight. The Pocket by Phorce is a 2-in-1 device that packs a 1300 mAh battery into a slim wallet. It features both a Lightning and a micro-USB cable for charging all your EDC-friendly gadgets. As a wallet, it has a spring-loaded slot to access up to six credit cards and a strap for holding cash. It comes in all-black with five different colored straps to match your style. If you find yourself away from a power source more often than you'd like, this is definitely worth a look. Check out the Pocket by Phorce at their Kickstarter page below.

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