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Olight i3E

Bernard Capulong
Olight i3E

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While modern lights can be really powerful, they can also be really confusing (that’s why we wrote this beginner’s guide). Sometimes, the latest and greatest features seem like overkill, and what you really want is a light that’s small, bright, and easy to use. In that case, the new Olight i3E might be more up your alley. Olight took their EDC crowd favorite i3S model, shaved off about .38” in length, simplified the user interface to a single mode, and slashed the price in half with the i3E ("E" meaning economic). Its Philips Luxeon TX LED pushes 90 lumens through a TIR lens for a bright, smooth beam. It’s still powered by a single AAA battery, waterproof to IPX8 standard, and constructed from hard anodized aluminum. It makes a great candidate for a simpler EDC and an attractive option for a budget-friendly backup too. Find it in all its five colorways at the link below.


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Justin Glass ·
I own this light. It is crazy bright. And super small. I carry it along with my eagletac d25cti just because it's so small and takes up no space in my pocket. Great backup light or main carry light.
Bernard Capulong ·
Sweet. D25CTi is my EDC light too, glad the pairing works well for you!
Ethan ·
This is an awesome light I have these in all my medical kits, perfect size
Darwin ·
Perfect size, very bright light, and value for money too. Thanks for sharing!
Charles Arevalo ·
Is this available in the Philippines?
Jef Dizon ·
Sir Charles, search for Velocitor Flashlights on FB. He's the only listed retailer of Olights in PH and is based at Tarlac. Unfortunately it's currently out of stock but they said they will restock soon.
Forged store at MOA P750