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Bernard Capulong
Los Angeles, CA
update for january 2016. most of my gear rides in one of my many bags, but this is what i keep on my person for running the site, managing a remote team, creating content, staying connected, and working hard on the go.

lately, i've been experimenting with carrying much of my EDC on my wrist, or attached externally using straps, carabiners, gated hardware, etc. it leaves my pockets open for rotating in gear as needed (like business cards, a OPMT, pen and notebook, and so on). it also keeps frequently used but important gear like my phone, camera, and keys both secure from drops and accessible at the same time.

future updates would be my light, knife, and keyring next. looking at the new spyderco rassenti nirvana, an olight or eagletac with a nichia LED, and the handgrey knox.

more of what my camera and phone capture on instagram: http://instagram.com/bernard.c

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Michaelangelo ·
You're not worried about carrying a folding knife with NYC knife laws?
Bernard Capulong ·
When I head into the city, I leave it behind in favor of a titanium one piece multitool (OBSTRUCTURES Pry/Open). The knife actually gets used most at home these days.
Darwin ·
Any tips to bring all of these stuffs without a bag?
Bernard Capulong ·
In general, get very thin items and stack them together, but make sure they won't scratch or break each other. For example here, my leather wallet and phone in its case are thin enough to fit in one pocket together stacked on each other. Similarly, my phone battery and wallet can stack together in one pocket, and my phone can chill in another pocket. Aluminum and leather won't damage each other.

For things like my flashlight and knife, I recommend using the pocket clip to keep them as far out of your pockets as possible. So I clip them to the furthest edge of my pocket towards my hips on either of my front pockets. That leaves clearance for my hands to dig deep for other things in there.

My keys, you'll notice I have two ways to hang them from a belt loop or other ring somewhere. I also take out as much gear as I can, leaving three keys and a key sized tool to reduce bulk. This lets me easily carry the keychain externally, on a belt loop or clipped to my camera strap, bag, or clothes. Also keeps it small enough to pocket in my coat.

The camera I keep around my neck, and it has D rings to let me suspend other things if necessary (that's why I have the extra titanium carabiner.)

And a lot of the bulk of this photo is just wrist accessories. My watch, fitness tracker, charging cable, and favorite leather bracelets all ride on my wrists anyway. That clears up tons of pocket space.

Now that it's winter, I can carry much more than this actually if I use my coat. I have one with a great pocket layout by arc'teryx Veilance. And being in NYC it's common to carry a bag, so I have options there too.

To sum up, stack slim items, use pocket clips as much as possible, and explore ways to carry on you other than in your pockets.
Hope that helped! Carry on
Darwin ·
Those are very useful tips! Thanks Bernard :)
Cole Turner ·



Franklion ·
I would love to have a Prometheus EKO, but it's so expensive. How is it?
Bernard Capulong ·
It's one of those "nice to have" things, but it mainly gets used to tear open boxes/tape. The puncture and pseudo chisel edge to it do a good job of that. The bottle opener by design isn't the best performing, it's more of one of those "in a pinch" options. I rarely ever turn screws using bits, I prefer to just pull out a full sized multitool or dedicated tool for that, so I can't comment much there. The quality, fit, and finish are fantastic, as you'd expect from a one man shop who knows his EDC gear. Functionally, its design becomes limiting, but just as a well-crafted object, it's good for how I use it (super low key way to open boxes when I don't want to take my knife out or if I can't have it on me because of NYC laws). I agree it is on the expensive side. But given its quality, materials, aesthetics and durability, it makes sense.
Franklion ·
Thanks for the quick review! I was looking into that and the MyKee on Kickstarter. But after thinking about my EDL (everyday lifestyle) all I really need is a knife, and even that I would consider "nice to have". I got a SOG key knife instead and it's been really handy lately. Ironically I've used it to open the boxes of other EDC gear I bought. Ha!
I have looked at a few of your posts and haven't seen an answer yet - Is there a purpose to the Carbon Fiber Ring aside from fashion? It seems like on some of your previous posts you kept things a little simpler, but the ring was still included. Now I see youve added some leather accessories - unless those serve a practical purpose as well?

Also - why a Carabiner and the Keyring? It seems that the ring itself may be able to slip around a belt loop?

Just looking minimize and optimize my EDC efficiently. Thanks.
Bernard Capulong ·
Hey Alex, the rings and leather bracelets are just accessories for fashion, but they have some sentimental value as well. The ring was one of the first things I've been asked to review, so I keep it as a reminder of my early days with the site (a blog back then). Aside from EDC, one of my interests is fashion/streetwear/personal style, so that's partly why I'm drawn to accessories. I admit these aren't truly "tools" but I find them essential/naked without them at the moment, and that might change (the ring is probably here to stay).

The carabiner AND keyring just give me different options. Sometimes, the carabiner gate bites my finger, or is hard to operate when wearing gloves here in the NYC winter. So the keyring, which just slips onto things without moving parts, is much easier to use. It also lets me use the carabiner to suspend or hang other things (shopping bags, misc extra gear I might need depending on what I'm doing that day, etc). Since I have a camera strap or bag on while I'm out in the city, I have different places to attach it to for better accessibility.

If you're looking for an example of a purely optimized for general purpose carry, I'd say mine isn't one haha. Hopefully this clears things up, feel free to reach out if you still have questions. Thanks for checking out my EDC.
Christian ·
Very dope to see your kit! #TheCreatorsCarry
First time I've seen a XoopNet... how is it?
Bernard Capulong ·
It works. I've seen some other bracelet-style USB/lightning cords and they don't have as good retention on the clasp as this one. The xoopnet requires you to first lift one side of the clasp to be able to pull it out, it's not held entirely by friction in that way, which is better to prevent losing it. It doesn't seem finicky at all trying to get it to charge my phone, so far no complaints. I don't use it too often, but in the times I needed it, it came through. The silver part on it is hideous though, I couldn't get it off with my multitool without risking damaging the cable itself unfortunately..
Obviously the Grovemade is lighter in weight but would you say it's more functional than the corter bottle hook? I'm always looking for a new key set up, love the corter but it's just a little bit bulky.
Bernard Capulong ·
I wasn't much of a beer guy, and have given up completely recently so I haven't been using the grovemade for that. The corter though, as a bottle opener, is hard to beat because it provides tons of surface area and leverage. The tradeoff is it's bulky like you mentioned. I had a corter since Eric put them out from the very beginning, this is the first time switching to the titanium setup. The grovemade as a keyring on your beltloop feels very similar to the Corter if you're used to that action already, so swapping wouldn't be too much of an issue. I think bottle opening might be less effective becaues it's got only a small lip on the grovemade to lift caps. But if that's an occasional use for you, and you want something more compact with titanium to boot, I'd rec the grovemade
Ryan LeMasters ·
I want that anchor attachment point, but the website is in a different language, anyplace to buy it stateside?
Nathan Dailo ·
Hi Bernard. Great carry! Hope this doesn't come across strange to ask, but what type of jeans/pants do you wear? I am very particular about how much I carry on my person and also whether items are too bulky or not, even if they can fit in pockets. I have a belt clip attached to a slide lock s-biner that holds my keys/keytools, but i like the pockets lean or at least stealthy. Anyway, just thought I would ask
Bernard Capulong ·
Thanks Nathan! Not a weird question at all, haha.

For jeans, I have a pair of 3sixteen ST-120xk, their slim tapered, unsanforized 'shadow selvedge' kibata jean. It starts black and fades to electric blue. One cool thing about 3sixteen jeans aside from the fit, value, details and quality materials of course.. is the leather pouch is stitched so your belt goes under/through it, right? This gives me an extra spot to stash something with a pocket clip -- usually a thin folding knife.

For my other pants, I like the {ie (illustrated example) Cargo Pant. It's a slim tapered, heavyweight cotton pant with a drawstring hem detail, DWR finish, streamlined cargo pockets, double gusseted crotch, and articular construction. It's a fairly affordable and versatile technical pant. Very stealthy if that's what you're after.
Nathan Dailo ·
Wow thanks for the super detailed reply. Love it! 3sixteen jeans are super expensive here, but I guess you are paying for quality. An investment, I'm sure (what I tell my wife when new gear/gadgets arrive in the mail).
Olli ·
Looks perfect to me!
Joemichelli.com ·
Well curated, kinda stopped me in my tracks then I saw the name!
TexEx ·
Where's the Rolex?