PocketToolWorks KWR-G5 SAE

PocketToolWorks KWR-G5 SAE

The beauty of a quality multitool lies in its ability to consolidate multiple tools into an easy to carry item. The KWR-G5 SAE by Pocket Tool Works does just that by packing five tools into a body that’s only 2.8” in length. Whether you want to pop open a bottle of your favorite drink or tighten a screw, this tool has you covered. The KWR-G5 SAE can withstand the twisting and prying of your typical daily tasks thanks to its Grade 5 titanium materials. This means that it’s not only durable enough for your pocket, but also light enough to attach to your keychain or lanyard via a small key ring hole. Each handcrafted KWR-G5 has smooth curves and a quality finish that you’d be hard pressed to find in mass produced tools. If you’re looking for a multitool that’ll last, check out the offerings from Pocket Tool Works on our shop at the link below.


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And yet the Microshark packs 22 functions into a similar size and a much nicer look.

This looks a lot like many other multitools out there.