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CF2 Carbon Fiber G2 Pen

Ed Jelley
CF2 Carbon Fiber G2 Pen

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Because they’re designed with durability in mind, EDC pens tend to be on the bulky side. Their overbuilt construction ends up getting in the way more than it enhances the actual writing experience. With successful campaigns like the Tactical Marker under their belt, Spiffy Lab sets out to offer a lighter EDC pen alternative with their latest Kickstarter project, the CF2. This rugged pen is made up of lightweight carbon fiber for strength, accented with aircraft grade aluminum on the grip, tail, and cap for added durability. The result is a substantial pen that's not overly heavy or unwieldy. An extra-wide clip securely holds the pen on a bag, in a pocket, attached to a belt, or even on a carabiner. The cap and grip feature ample knurling for both a robust look and improved grip, especially when wearing gloves. The CF2 accommodates the ultra-smooth, readily available Pilot G2 refill— perfect for everyday writing tasks. Secure one for yourself in anodized black, bright aluminum, tellurium copper or aluminum-bronze via the Kickstarter link below.

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James ·
I'm a big guy with big hands and appreciate a pen that doesn't feel underwhelming in my hands. I'm definitely ordering one.
Bobby Davis ·
Great size for great grip.
Sam Nead ·
That's a big barrel on that pen. If they narrowed it down, then I might be interested. Too big for my EDC tastes. Great idea though, as I like the Pilot G2's.
Sam Nead ·
On second thought, if you made one end a flashlight with 250 lumens, I'd be all over it.