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TPT (Titanium Pocket Tool)

Ed Jelley
TPT (Titanium Pocket Tool)

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All too often, pocket multitools either try to do way too much or simply not enough to justify carrying one. There's the 25-in-1 tool without a single usable feature, or the overbuilt hunk of metal that only opens bottles. But BIGiDESIGN's new Kickstarter project, the Titanium Pocket Tool (TPT), shows plenty of promise. It balances size, functionality, and aesthetics often sacrificed for an exhausting list of features.

The TPT's small enough for keychain or coin pocket carry, yet big enough to give you a solid grip on it. Each tool packs in 15 wrench sizes, a bottle opener, a hex bit driver, and a flathead screwdriver/pry bar—all while maintaining excellent ergonomics. A hidden magnet in its central slot holds two types of inserts in place. You can configure the TPT with a double-sided, finger-safe box opener/camping fork or a standard utility blade.

Best of all, the TPT's grade 5 titanium construction allows it to stay small, rigid, and durable enough for daily use while carrying as slim as just a pair of house keys. See the Titanium Pocket Tool's unique design in action and pledge for your own on Kickstarter.

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Jacob Christopher Jordan ·
Where did you find that blade for the slide?
M LeJeune ·
They seem to be inspired by the Rexford RUT.
If the fit and finish is on point this could awesome.
I'm getting one anyhow.
Eli Benson ·
Possibly the coolest little tool we've featured so far.