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Fenix RC09Ti

Bernard Capulong
Fenix RC09Ti

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When done right, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as magnets in your gear. Things just snap into place. And it feels like magic. Fenix makes the most of this phenomenon with their new RC09Ti flashlight.

Like more and more advanced lights these days, the RC09Ti can recharge its single 16340 lithium ion battery via USB. But it’s the first to ever use a magnetic cable to do it, making juicing up your torch literally a snap. Opposite the magnetic charging port is a side-switch, leaving room for a completely flat, magnetic tail. This adds tons of flexibility for hands-free use, letting you mount the light on magnetic surfaces or prop it to bounce light off the ceiling like a candle.

Looking past the shiny new magnetic features, it’s still a solid light. Its Cree XP-L HI LED hits a 550 lumen max, stepping down to a 5 lumen low mode with 53 hours of runtime. A two-way pocket clip and sub 3” length make it ideal for EDC, and its titanium alloy construction adds to its futuristic looks. You can pick up this attractive little light at the link below.

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Randy Green ·
Just bought this bad boy! Happy Birthday to me!
Bernard Capulong ·
Happy belated, congrats on the new light! Carry it in good health
I'm just really not interested in having a magnet that strong in my pocket. Ever have one kill a bank card mag stripe? How about a watch you had handed down from your granddad? How about your hard drive backup from your PC or laptop?
I already have too many flashlights already, but if I need another one, I might look at one of these. A very sweet little EDC light.
CarlWeatherz ·
What clown buys a $100 flashlight?
Bald-Trooper ·
Me and I've spent more than that my LEDLenser P5R was £135.00 when I bought it and the xeo19r was £240 this xmas
Google McGizmo sometime...
Bald-Trooper ·
It's not the 1St torch to use a magnetic charger my LEDLenser P5R has a magnetic charger that's stuck to my bedside table leg (vertically) so I can just stick it in the charger and I've had that for 4 years now!
Matthew ·
What knife is that?