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FutureRelic Pocket Wrench

Ed Jelley
FutureRelic Pocket Wrench

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It's never been so easy to carry a full set of wrenches. FutureRelic's Bronze Keychain Wrench packs 6 standard and 6 metric wrenches into a classy design that’s easy to use. At only 1.75” in diameter, the tool rides easily on your keychain or tucked away in your coin pocket. Unlike most one piece multitools, the wrench is round. Its shape makes it easier to turn, and ample jimping around the outside provides a secure grip—perfect for those stubborn bolts. Marine-grade bronze construction results in a tool that's both super tough and resistant to corrosion. Each wrench is CNC machined and then finished by hand to a quality fit and finish. Find out more about this handy multitool, and pick one up for yourself via the Etsy link below.

Editor's Note: After seeing feedback from Everyday Carry members about the price, FutureRelic has discounted the tool by 50% and offers an additional 10% off for readers of the site with code: RTX23. 

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FutureRelic ·
As the owner of FutureRelic and the designer/fabricator of this product I am very grateful to see the feedback here regarding price. I'm happy to try selling them at 50% of the original and see if the increase in volume make it worthwhile (I'll be offering a refund or a freebie to all who have already purchased).
Terance Herzog ·
I ordered one! I do love the design so I couldn't resist the sale!
I didn't get one of the pocket wrenched (I just don't think I'd use it that much), but I did go for one of those small brass bottle openers. Those look very slick and not as intrusive on the keychain!
Terance Herzog ·
Love the design, but I could never justify that price tag. If it was half that, I'd definitely get one.
Bernard Capulong ·
Looks like it's your lucky day! FutureRelic slashed prices after seeing your feedback.
Terance Herzog ·
I caught your Twitter feed and just bought one!
EveryDay Knife Guy ·
Beautiful addition to a keyring... but not so keen at that price!
Wow, I really liked the design and looks of this keychain wrench. Was thinking of buying some as extra gifts for birthdays for my tool geek relatives and friends, until I looked at the price. Seriously, at eighty bucks each, that's not going to happen. If this is CNC machined, how can that price be justified?
Nathaniel P ·
It does say it is finished by hand, but I'm still not sure if that justifies the price. An innovative product though.
I thought the same thing!
I clicked to maybe get one for my house keys but then I saw the price lol.
I've seen much more complex designs in titanium go for less.
Even the bottle opener they have is $40!
Otherwise, very pretty tool.