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SOG Reactor Multitool

Adam Molina
SOG Reactor Multitool

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SOG Knives and Tools are no strangers to putting useful blades in designs you wouldn’t expect (like a key and credit card, to name a few). With their new Reactor model, it’s a full-size multitool that gets the SOG treatment. It combines two commonly carried items: a knife and a multitool. The Reactor packs 10 handy tools: aside from the usual suspects like a bottle opener, wire cutters, and a philips screwdriver, you’ll also get a capable pair of compound leverage needle nose pliers to cover all your bases. But the real star of the show has to be the full-sized assisted blade built right into the handle of the tool. You get the precision of a knife—with the added convenience of one-hand thumbstud opening—along with the versatility that comes with a fully featured multitool. If you EDC both a pocket knife and a multitool, you might be able to lighten your load by carrying the Reactor instead. If you’re looking for a way to slim down your pockets without sacrificing functionality, pick up the SOG Reactor by clicking the link below.

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John Mongle ·
A Leatherman Skeletool CX is only $5 more with better knife steel, a slimmer profile and nearly 2 oz lighter - not to mention a proven edc track record.
Richard Young ·
Actually kind of like this one & am not a big multi tool person. Wouldn't own a Leatherman product due to their support of Bill Clinton or at least his positions,
Patrick Lyons ·
Not to get into a political argument but where in the hell did you drum that up from? Seriously please provide a link for proof of this. Not that it is a strange statement but a really interesting stance on your part.
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hify ·
that is true and i love my skeletool but i feel like you could sacrifice that if the compound leverage was important to you.
Andrew Kissam ·
I recommend watching The Late Boy Scout's comparison of the reactor vs the Leatherman skeletool on YouTube. The reactor has several design flaws. For just a little more you can get the tried and true skeleton from leatherman. Just my 2 cents.