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Benchmade Crooked River

Ed Jelley
Benchmade Crooked River

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There’s a certain charm about classic hunting knives, but they tend to fall short in everyday use. It takes two hands to open them via nail nick, brass bolsters make them heavy but they don’t come with a pocket clip to help you carry them, and their wooden handles can degrade over time. Benchmade’s new Crooked River folder updates the iconic hunting knife with both modern materials and improved ergonomics. Durable G10 replaces the wooden scales, and lightweight aluminum replaces brass bolsters. The contoured handles and anodized metal not only look modern, but they also provide a better grip and won’t require the maintenance that wood does.

It’s the little things like the reversible pocket clip and thumb stud openers that make the Crooked River that much easier to use when compared to the hunting knives of old. The 4”, CPM-S30V clip point blade locks in place using Benchmade’s signature AXIS Lock mechanism. Visual details like an orange anodized pivot ring and a textured orange backspacer add just the right amount of pop to this otherwise subdued looking knife. Whether you’re taking this blade with you on your next hunting trip, or simply prefer a more substantial EDC, consider this modern classic for your next knife.

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wes mantooth ·
I've got one in the gray G-10. Truth be told, it's too big for my personal EDC, but it is amazingly well made. Fit and finish are spot on and a great example of the production quality Benchmade is capable of. I kind of drifted away from Benchmade the last few years, but the models I've sampled from their 2016 lineup have been really, really good.
Robert Razavi ·
Beautiful knife, but a 3" blade would have been preferable for an EDC carry. At 4" and looking as it is, it'll freak out non-carrying people...
Nathan Dailo ·
Well, this is just beautiful.