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Nitecore MH20GT

Mikey Bautista
Nitecore MH20GT

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How do you make a good light even better? You don't do it by fixing what isn't broken, that's for sure. You do it by making improvements where you can without getting in the way of what worked. That's the case with Nitecore's newest light, the MH20GT. It’s the 2016 update to last year’s MH20, a compact 18650 EDC light.

The MH20GT keeps the best features of the original: 1000 lumens on turbo, built-in USB charging, IPX-8 water resistance, and a side-switch UI. On this latest iteration, the light trades off a slightly bulkier body for a larger reflector and the latest Cree emitter. This emitter—the XP-L HI V3—pairs with the reflector to give 362 meters of throw. That’s over 100 meters farther than the original at 220 meters. It also gives much better performance across its 5 brightness levels and 3 special modes: it goes as low as 1 lumen for 680(!) hours of runtime all the way up to a 1000 lumen turbo that lasts for an hour.

The Nitecore MH20GT takes a great light and makes it even better, improving on all the features you need from a modern EDC pocket powerhouse. Pick one up for yourself at the link below.

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Nathan Dailo ·
Wow, I have the MH20 and never thought it could be topped. I'd be keen on playing with this one. Couldn't justify an upgrade to the GT as we pay higher costs here in Australia for stuff like this :(
Bruce Maczko ·
It is exspensive, but a bargin on Amazon @ $105.00 U.S. dollars verses the list price of $224.00.
Robert O ·
Nitecore provides the best flashlight for the price in my opinion. I've used other brands but keep coming back.
Huggy ·
Gutted I have the mh20 non GT VERSION, great light, not the same amount of throw but in its defence it does have double the run time. Also have the MH27 which has even further throw than the MH20GT however is not as pocketable as the GT!!!!!!!! Where do you win? I've decided not to purchase this new version as I already have the MH27, had I not I would be a placing a order for this great little beast the MH20GT.
Bruce Maczko ·
Really might have to grab one of these!
Drew ·
I've been hesitating about getting an MH20. Is it around the size of the P12? That's all I have to compare 18650's to and it's about as big as I'd allow a flashlight for EDC.
A surprising IPX 8 rating for continual submersion over 1 meter of depth given there is a charger door. Any specs on the door? Snap vs screw? Gasket type, etc? On all my submersible electronics, I have experienced various forms of expensive equipment failure in critical moments.
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