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Trayvax Black Element Wallet

Mikey Bautista
Trayvax Black Element Wallet

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An interesting thing happened when we featured the Trayvax Axis a while back—we found that our readers who carry one are exceptionally happy with Trayvax and all their wallets. So when we heard Trayvax made updates to their flagship Element wallet, we had to take a look.

The new Element comes with all the features of the original. Top-grain, oil-tanned leather make up its main enclosure, and secures onto the stainless steel skeleton with mil-spec 550 paracord. The frame now comes in a much-requested black colorway, with a Cerakote finish that improves durability and RFID protection. The Element is sized for EDC at 4.5”x2.8”x0.5”, and designed to carry 3-10 cards and 1-5 folded bills either in your pocket or off a lanyard.

The black version of the Element is made in the USA and comes in Mississippi Mud (dark brown), Tobaco Brown, and Canyon Red leather (pictured above). If you want a rugged wallet that both carries minimally and ages elegantly, pick one up direct from Trayvax at the link below.


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blueumbrella ·
Definitely a unique wallet. I was trying to figure out the combination frame and leather, and how that might feel in my back pocket. I like the ability to secure the wallet to your belt or backpack, using the hole in the frame/skeleton.
Broderick Boone ·
minimalist wallet that is a little bit more robust than most wallets on the market right now. I normally carry only the essentials with it, so ~5 cards & ~5-10 USD bills and I can not even feel it in my back pocket.
Broderick Boone ·
This is the best wallet I have ever owned. I only carry my wallet in my back pocket. this however is a minimalist wallet but that being said it is a little bit more robust than most wallets on the market right now. I normally carry only the essentials with it, so ~5 cards & ~5-10 USD bills and I can not even feel it in my back pocket. I'm sorry about the first reply that got cut off.
Larry S ·
I just purchased this wallet and I really like it. I have 10 cards in it and it is a bit tight to get the cards out. I may try to re-soak the leather to see if it will stretch a bit more.
S.G. Skinner ·
I'd hold off on soaking it until you've broken it in a bit more, that leather should give you a nice form-fitted feel to thickness after a month or two. At least, that's been my experience with every other tensioned leather I've come across. I went for the Trayvax Axis when it was featured last month, and it can be adjusted by design; is the Element not adjustable at all? I was torn on which to choose, but depending on what you say, I might not be so torn after all.
Larry S ·
Hi S.G. Skinner - thanks for the tip - I'll hold off on trying to re-soak the wallet. The only way to "adjust" the Element is by soaking the leather. It comes with instructions but, basically soak the wallet in warm water for 10 minutes, put your credit cards & ID in it and let it dry. It's supposed to stretch / form to the number of cards you place in it. I believe there are videos of this process& reviews on the Trayvax site and YouTube.
Ripley A ·
Se parece a las carteras que hacía mi abuelo en su pueblo. Podían hacer algo de aspecto más moderno. Y vaya precio. Me parece un auténtico robo pero bueno...
Wasim Shah ·
I bought one...awesome wallet.
David Gross ·
I don't get the whole RFID trend that you see in wallets. How many credit cards have RFID chips and how many are being skimmed?
Larry S ·
David, Just for the record, this wallet is not RFID blocking.
S.G. Skinner ·
Not "blocking", but the Trayvax site does tout it as being RFID "resistant". I put it to the test, and indeed was unable to get my badge to scan after multiple attempts with multiple readers. So not exactly a faraday cage, but seemingly better than nothing (though, my badge and I are just one data point).
Mikey Bautista ·
I've had the same experience with my office door badge inside one of my "RFID resistant" wallets. I'm with S.G. on this one. It's not really an intended feature (much less in a Faraday Cage level of effectivity), just a side bonus of the materials being used. You probably won't ever get skimmed in your life, but won't hurt to have some sort of basic protection in there anyway if it won't affect the product negatively.
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Brendan ·
The US is moving to have ALL cards to have achip design in the future to prevent fraud. As for scanning them, it can be done. A few Google searches and you will be thankful for the RFID blocks. :)