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Recycled Firefighter Sergeant Wallet

Bernard Capulong
Recycled Firefighter Sergeant Wallet

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You’d probably never picture yourself carrying firehose around, but Jake Starr (the Recycled Firefighter himself and an active member of our community) could change your mind with the Sergeant Wallet.

It’s constructed from decommissioned firehose fabric that’s repurposed into a durable, slim, and comfortable front pocket wallet. The Sergeant features a single pocket for 4-8 of your cards, cut at an angle for easy pinch or slide retrieval with your thumb. And if you carry cash, you can fold it into thirds and tuck it all behind a wide, mil-spec elastic band on the other side of the wallet.

With its minimal, EDC-focused design, small-batch USA-made quality, and tons of color options, it’s no surprise to see the Sarge climbing the ranks in the wallet market.

In fact, over 75 of our users carry the Sergeant, and it’s currently the #1 most-viewed wallet on this site. That kind of popularity  doesn’t come by accident—see what all the buzz is about and pick up the Sergeant Wallet at the link below.

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Darwin ·
Very nice one. Definitely looks very tough and suitable for any kind of outdoor activities.
Andrew ·
Have two of them and some other stuff from Jake and it's all great. Love my sergeant wallets.
Michael Mutant ·
I'm O.C.D. germ freak. Do they clean off the hose fabric before cutting it into the wallet?
J/K I would still buy it with all the dirty and grime, but I'm curious either way XD
Andrew ·
Ordered two wallets, both were very clean on arrival
Michael Mutant ·
I was just wondering because I imagine those hoses get some serious use.
Andrew ·
I get where you're coming from. I was concerned with my first order too but it was very nice when it arrived.