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Leatherman Tread

presented by Leatherman

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Leatherman Tread

We're right on the cusp of the age of wearable technology, but what about wearable EDC? Sometimes your pockets just won't fit any more tools, and a paracord bracelet (as useful as it is) can't compete with the functionality of a multitool.

The Tread is Leatherman's take on a versatile wearable, with 29 tools including wrenches, drivers, cutters, and openers forged into the bracelet's links out of 17-4 stainless steel. It's corrosion resistant, making it safe against your own sweat and also against elemental damage. Since it's safe from the elements, it has “go-anywhere” durability. 

And thanks to its TSA-friendly design, it actually can go anywhere, making it a useful addition to your travel kit. With its linked design, you can also customize the Tread to fit your wrist and tool loadout as you see fit. 

It's an ideal complement to any carry, so pick one up direct from Leatherman at the link below in either stainless steel ($165) or a black DLC-coated finish ($220).


This is a sponsored post presented by Leatherman.

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Dom Hemingway ·
Price is too high,quality is garbage. The tools bend under a bit of torque and the screws come loose every few weeks that you don't notice until you lost them. It's also very heavy. I owned one for a few weeks .
John McKnatt ·
Have had mine for a few months now and have never had to tighten it. You could have sent it in for warranty repair.
3l3phant ·
I know the quality is going to be great but the price is way too high for my pocketbook.
Edgar Morales ·
I'm saving to buy one on christmas
AJ Ross ·
Price too high for me. I do like the concept, but I also think it might look very large on me.
Denis ·
I don't know anybody, who will wear it with wristwatch. But it will be a great idea to make this thing as a replaceable wristlet.