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ThruNite Archer 1A V3

Mikey Bautista
ThruNite Archer 1A V3

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Using powerful flashlight batteries like CR123A primaries and lithium-ion 18650 rechargeables has plenty of benefits. It's a very long list. But there's one key advantage of “common” AA and AAA batteries—accessibility. Every convenience store, grocery check-out aisle, and gas station will have one or both of these cells in stock. And when your flashlight dies—especially in an emergency—the last thing you'll want to worry about is where to get a fresh set of batteries.

That's not to say that ThruNite are just phoning it in with the Archer V3. Quite the contrary—it's very much a modern light with modern features. It's powered by a Cree XP-L V6 emitter and takes a wide range of voltage, including 14500 li-ion cells. Equipped with that kind of hardware, the V3 is no slouch for output across 5 modes, with 200 lumens on high for 115 minutes and 17 days of light on its  0.1 lumen firefly mode.

It's definitely good for EDC weighing only 42g without a battery, and type III anodized aluminum and IPX-8 waterproofing ensures a hardy everyday light. Simple, no-nonsense, and easy to both power and use. Add this convenient carry to your EDC by picking one up at the link below.

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Andrew Cohen ·
Had one for a little while now. A lot more light than I expected for the money. I carry it in pocket and find I forget it is there after a short while. Definitely a great light for an emergency bag, or even as an EDC if you do not mind a little less pocket space for other stuff. The output levels are well chosen, and at full brightness the light stays pretty cool. I'm very happy with it.
saint_shinobi ·
Thank you for the review! This will be my next EDC flashlight :)
Alex Bott ·
I just purchased this light last week, and so far am immensely impressed with it
Ethan ·
This is a great little light. It is plenty bight, you don't always need a flashlight to strobe a bad guy. This is a great general purpose light and it runs on a double A battery. You can use a 14500 battery to almost double the lumens.
Huggy ·
Great flashlight review. I still have and use my nitecore EZ aa flashlight and love it, even dos a mod on it where it's a very bright lamp!