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KCT Kydex MOLLE-Link Holster

Everyday Carry
KCT Kydex MOLLE-Link Holster

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Tyler Kee writes: "I’m a big Kydex holster fan. Yes, I’ve used some great leather holsters and I’ll concede that for EDC, leather is the most comfortable. But for range days, hiking around, and general “beat it up” duty, Kydex is king. In my preparation for Run n Gun this year, and my a great stroke of luck at a competition prize table, I picked up a TYR Tactical Sniper Harness. It uses MOLLEwebbing as the attachment platform along the belt. Fine for things like mag pouches and various other items, but I’ve never found a MOLLE compatible holster that I liked until now…" (via TheTruthAboutGuns)

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