It's too hot to carry a bunch of stuff.

Ed Jelley
Staff Writer (age 27)
Long Island, NY
Trying to keep things slim in this warmer weather.

- Zebra Sharbo X LT3 - This multipen has two different color inks and a mechanical pencil packed inside a slim metal body.

- Titanium Pocket Tool (TPT) by BigiDesign - A great stand-in for a knife. It's light, slim, takes a utility blade, and doubles as a wrench set / bit driver.

- 4Sevens Preon P1 - I absolutely love this light. It runs on a single AAA battery and has a bunch of different modes. The programmable interface is great for customizing to your needs. The tail clicky button to turn it on and off is my favorite part.

- Bellroy Card Sleeve - fits my needs for a wallet in a really small form factor. Leather is high quality and it sits nice and flat in my back pocket.

- Wedding Ring - just got married, this is still super weird to wear!

- iPhone 6s - I'm running the new iOS10 beta on here, it's pretty cool.

- Bertucci A-3P Field Watch - This thing is super light and the NATO strap is really easy to change out, depending on what I want to wear that day. Love this watch more than I thought I was going to.

- Crown & Buckle Horween Chromexcel NATO - This strap is super soft, smells good, wears nicely, and I love the color.

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Hexagon ·
Great dump from one of the EDC GOATs.
Ed Jelley ·
Garrick Zinecker ·
Love the Sharbo X. I lost mine, and ended up getting a TomBow Zoom 414. Pretty cool pen, but almost impossible to find.
Ed Jelley ·
Me too, thankfully I haven't lost it!

Never heard of that Tombow Zoom before, looks like their answer to the Sharbo. Pretty cool!
blueumbrella ·
Definitely agree with you, regarding the Bellroy wallet. I use one and over time, it has slowly expanded enough to accommodate all my cards and cash, while still allowing easy access. Best wallet I have ever owned.
Ed Jelley ·
Yeah, this is definitely one of the best things that's happened to my EDC. I don't miss carrying a big wallet around at all!
Gary Petrison ·
What case is on the iPhone?

Ed Jelley ·
It's the Perforated iPhone 6 Case by Insignia, I got it from Best Buy. Honestly, I think it looks cool but the flimsy, flexible plastic is annoying especially around the sides of the phone.