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Quiet Carry Titanium Pocket Knives

Adam Molina
Quiet Carry Titanium Pocket Knives

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Pocket knives can be one of the most versatile tools in your EDC, but local laws can sometimes be a little strict. Quiet Carry, the company that brought us the Mini Q Key organizer, has a new Kickstarter campaign for two stealthy pocket knives: The West for those who can't carry locking blades, and the Strand for those who can.

The West has a 2.5” non-locking blade built into a sleek body. For a better grip, there’s a small notch thoughtfully placed halfway down the handle for your middle finger. A strong spring holds it in the open position to ensure that the blade won’t close during use. And at only 1.9 oz, you’ll find that the West is a great pocket knife for the urban EDCer.

If slip joints aren’t your thing (or if knife laws are in your favor), the larger Strand knife is worth a look. It shares the same slick aesthetic as the West, but with a larger handle and 2.8" frame-locking blade. The Strand features two thumb studs and an easy lock bar release for one handed operation. For optimal comfort, the finger notch lies at the top of the handle—ideal placement for your index finger.

Both models are made of Grade 5 Titanium and have a pocket clip incorporated into the handle, making them great for EDC. The campaign has already been funded so if you want to secure one of these knives for yourself, make sure to follow the link below.

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SilveradoTX ·
Really cool to see QuietCarry be recognized on here. I backed this project early on and am looking forward to putting them in my EDC rotation.
Robert Razavi ·
I missed the Early Bird for one of each; but I jumped on the non-Early-Bird as it's still a tremendous value at $184 for one of each!... Now starts the delightful anticipation period :-)

EDIT: someone cancelled their pledge and freed one 'Early Bird' slot for a combo with both knives. Guess who was on Kickstarter at that exact moment, and was able to cancel their original pledge and jump on the single available 'Early Bird' slot? :-)
I dig the Strand. Might have to get in on this.
And I did get in on it! Hopefully this arrives by November.
Old Oak ·
Got my spiffy new West Knife in the mail today from the good people at UrbanEDC. Beautifully done and a great addition to my 'downtown' weekday EDC. Materials are great and the fit and finish exceptional. Very glad I got the West over the larger Strand. The knife has a great form factor for front pocket carry and I'm glad to say I can open and close it without needing Band-Aids.
My Strand arrived this past week. Fantastic knife. It is now my EDC knife. Fit and finish are fantastic.
David Vo ·
Can someone explain the carry laws difference between the two models? I can't seem to figure out if either are illegal to carry in California.
Darren Tong ·
These are not illegal in CA. The larger knife is 2.8". Most counties and cities that care at all have a 3" knife law. This should cover most places. Double Check your local area just in case though
Robert Razavi ·
Correct! here is a rundown of the differences:
- The West is non-locking, like any Victorinox pocket knife.
- The Strand has a lock, so it may be illegal in some places, mostly the more stringent European countries (not sure about anywhere in the US; certainly OK in Canada too).
- Both knives' blades measure under 3", so that takes care of a lot of places where 3" and up blades are illegal.
- None of these knives are automatics, so that take care of a whole lot of places where automatic knives are illegal.
David Vo ·
Thanks for clearing that up guys. This was the first I'd ever heard of a locking knife being illegal. They seem safer to me! I also didn't know what a non-locking knife meant but the Victorinox (SAK) example made things clear.
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Christopher Resch ·
Just a cheap knock off of The James Brand knives.
Robert Razavi ·
I disagree:

- 'knock-off'; this design, and variations thereof, have been around for a long time. If you adopt a more angular and minimalist design for a folding knife, this will naturally lead you to a very similar design (I was trained as an Industrial Designer so I can easily imagine two designers coming to similar designs without a conscious decision to copy; this happens all the time). So no-one is really knocking off anyone.

- 'Cheap'; how do we know this will be 'cheap'? Are the materials on the Quiet Carry supposed to be inferior to those used by The James Brand? In fact, both knives use D2 steel and Titanium; if one thing, The James Brand can be said they are overcharging for their knife, if we compare to similar offerings on the market (similar size, materials, etc.).

I think for the sake of the 'hobby', we need to be careful of publicly and quickly jumping to such conclusions...

(disclosure: I am not affiliated with any of these two brands)
I have been carrying a Strand by Quietcarry with the satin finish for a few weeks now and I would put it up against the Chapter knife by The James Brand any time any where.

Fit and finish as well as the blade design of the Strand are excellent and it's half the cost of the James Brand Chapter knife. The cutout for the flipper makes for a much more secure grip when using the knife than the James Brand Chapter knife. Add to this the tip up carry of the Strand makes it a lot easier to deploy the blade verses the tip down carry of the James Brand knife when you have to fumble around to get the knife in position to deploy the blade.

In the end the Strand isn't so much a copy of the Chapter knife by The James Brand as it is an improvement over it.
Richard Young ·
If I lived in NYC or London, I'd get one in a heartbeat. Like the design-clean & simple/ Am awed by the success of the Kick starter effort. Crushed goal.
Robert Razavi ·
You can still get one and not EDC it each day, right? The West is non-locking and is under 3", so it should be legal to carry in Chicago?

(by the way I was in Chicago two weeks ago, I LOVED that city!)
Richard Young ·
Wasn't clear. Can carry locking or fixed blade concealed in Chicago. A few years ago I had Collin Cox forge me a Chicago legal fixed blade. In NYC or London it has to be a slip joint so If I lived there I;d get one. Glad yo liked Chi Town. Let me know the next time you visit & maybe we can grab a drink or coffee.
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