Powered tools and keys

Self Employed (age 41)
Las Vegas, Nevada
My current battery powered gear and keys.

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Hey Mark,
I was wondering out of all the flashlights in this picture, which one is your favorite?
Well the Surefire has been with me the longest and offers some added bonuses with the striking bezel and still offers a decent light, the olight offers is the most versatile with the defuser and I have a red from another light that fits on it, but I have to say the Nitecore Tip is the one I have been using the most recently. I've been using it everyday and still have a good charge since I got it. I'm trying to figure out how I want to attach a tritium vial to it make it easier to find in thevery dark. So currently the TIP right now is what I have to say my favorite, so much so I've bought another one.