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Deal Alert: Olight S Mini Baton for $39.86

Mikey Bautista
Deal Alert: Olight S Mini Baton for $39.86

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Sometimes, to make something even greater, you have to make it smaller. The Olight S1 Baton is still one of the best everyday carry lights around, but even great things can be improved. As you can see with the new S Mini Baton, small improvements can make the biggest difference.

At first glance, you might say the S Mini looks just like an S1 that got a haircut (and you'd be right). The S Mini is 0.25” shorter than its predecessor, which also makes it lighter at 1.11 oz (from 1.6 oz).

Smaller and lighter doesn't mean less powerful, however, as the S Mini improves on the S1 in both output and runtime. Now it can put out a maximum of 550 lumens, along with four levels and a runtime of up to 30 days.

And it doesn't fix what isn't broken, either. The S Mini still makes use of a CR123A battery and floody TIR optics, retains an IPX8 water resistance rating, and comes with a clip for ease of everyday carry. There's also something for the collectors, as the light comes in six finishes of exotic materials, from rainbow anodized titanium to red copper.

The biggest surprises can come from the smallest packages. Pick up the next generation of the Baton in your choice of finish from the Amazon link below. Just try not to lose it, OK?

Use coupon code DGOUZNPG at checkout to bring the price of the Stainless Steel model down to $39.86*:

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* Reflects deal pricing at the time of publication and is subject to change.

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Justin ·
If your willing to wear a brimmed hat I doubt you'll miss the magnetic cap. An S-Mini makes a great headlamp! Between that and standing it upright on a surface to flood a room it covers every lighting task I've come across in the last six months of carrying one.
dwhite ·
I just received the raw copper S Mini and it does NOT have the mag tail cap. That is probably part of why it is 0.25" shorter. I think I'll be OK without it, but it will be missed.
Mikey Bautista ·
Yeah that is a little unfortunate. While I haven't used the tailcap of my S1 as regularly as would make me miss it (it just likes to grab onto my keys and coins), the times I did need it I was incredibly grateful it was on there. So kind of on the fence, but I think I'm willing to give it up for an alternative, smaller light to the S1.
Oscar Rodriguez ·
Mike, do you know if they magnetic cap from the s2r fits on the s mini? Thanks for the heads up btw. I just ordered my mini SS !
Oscar Rodriguez ·
White Knight ·
No such offer here in the UK, dagnabbit!
And poof to them for removing the magernet in the tail.
If I buy one I'm gluing one on my bottom. So there!
justaguy ·
One disappointment, though...no more magnetic tailcap.
One of the responses in the Amazon link says they do have the mag tail just FYI. Not sure how accurate that is however.
Oscar Rodriguez ·
s mini doesn't have a magnetic tail cap :-/ I wonder if you can use the tail from the S1r