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Prometheus Beta-QR Flashlight

Ed Jelley
Prometheus Beta-QR Flashlight

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When deciding on a new EDC light, it's important to think about how it'll fit your everyday carry. You might find an amazingly powerful, multi-battery flashlight and think, “Wait… How am I supposed to carry something like that?” All that power might be overkill for your needs anyway, and it comes at the cost of bulk and weight. That’s not the case with the Prometheus Beta-QR. It hits the sweet spot for keychain lights, with just the right mix of size, accessibility, and ease of use.

Despite it being small enough to keep on your keychain, the Beta-QR packs in an impressive amount of features, including in its physical construction. It comes equipped with a patent-pending quick release mechanism that's strong enough to keep the light attached to your keychain, but easy enough to release for quick access. You can swap out the quick release hardware for an optional titanium pocket clip too, should you want to keep your key setup minimal.

The light's precision-machined body features a unique ribbed pattern for improved grip. Inside the head, there’s a color-accurate Nichia 219 LED that has three brightness modes: a 1 lumen firefly mode, a 15 lumen low mode, and an 85 lumen high mode. Operating the light is super simple: it takes a single AAA battery and turns on and off by twisting the head.

Upgrade your keychain light with one of the best all-around EDC lights out there. Check it out at the link below.

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Mike Kennedy ·
I find I don't like twist flashlights as the top that you twist can rattle of and get lost. Is this a switch or can it be turned until it comes off?
Chris ·
its a twisty
Mike Kennedy ·
i will never buy a twist again. Maybe one a the dollar tree, but not an expensive one!
highbob ·
I've been carrying this light since March of 2015. No problems. I haven't lost the twisty top--it's been no issue at all. I will concede that it's a bit of a pain to use one-handed, but I've used this day-in and day-out for nearly four years, and I've had no problems.

I have cleaned it with ketchup once to revivify it--it's the copper model--and I applied a very, very thin dose of silicone grease to the threads, but I've had no problems with the Beta staying together in my pocket.

One other note--I run it with Panasonic Eneloop batteries, regularly charged and rotated. All very good.

Cheers, y'all.
Shane ·
I've tried twisty aaa lights for edc, the surefire titan plus was ok until the diode in the head came off. The lil twist olights are good just a smidge low on lumens and high is the first mode and the head falls off from time to time.
I've settled on a olight s mini baton now with a side clicky and lockout feature.
Top notch.
PtoWn Paul ·
I don't see how the beta qr can be considered best when the Maus and the MBI HFR are out there ,
Chris ·
cree xp-g2 > nichia 219