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Gamble Gaslight

With all the stuff we carry, it's really easy to lose track of our gear. Keychains are especially notorious for mysteriously going missing, not to mention whatever you toss in your EDC pack. Having the right tool for the job when we need it the most is crucial—after all, you don't want to be fumbling for the right set of keys outside in the rain or rummaging through your backpack looking for a flashlight or knife in an emergency.

That's where a locator fob like Gamble's Gaslight comes in. It's an addition to your everyday carry that you can attach to a keychain or piece of gear that instantly makes it easier to find (not to mention look way more stylish).

Within the frame of the Gaslight is an Embrite module, a phosphorescent pellet that retains a glow when exposed to sunlight or UV light. It comes in two colors and a number of materials, so you can use multiple Gaslights to segregate, organize, and identify your gear immediately on sight. And thanks to its size, the Gaslight take up much space or weigh down your gear, so it's no hassle adding one to the rest of your EDC.

Stop second-guessing and grab the gear you need at a glance. Pledge for a Gaslight in your choice of exotic and rugged materials at the Kickstarter link below.

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Stentorian ·
I love the design. But really and truly, how bright is this?
And just how long can I expect the light work after having been exposed to external light or UV light?

Y'know, my keys spend a lot of time in a pocket, where it is..dark.
en mexico hasta con un cortauñas
Tritium would be better instead of a really pricey glow fob and they come in more colours taboot
True, but some places don't allow easy access/legal access to tritium
That's a good point,never had any issues with it in uk
In the USA it is harder to come by... legally.
Gary K ·
Honestly, that's a terrible design for an object that is supposed to allow you to see something easier. It should be designed to be able to physically see the Embrite module in 360 degrees on every axis.
I don't know about that Gary... If it was exposed 360 degrees, you probably wouldn't be able to direct more concentrated light in a specific direction.
Gary K ·
So the concentrated light is supposed to light up the area surrounding it in order to be able to locate it? The problem with that is were talking about light. Darker materials and surfaces of other objects will reflect less light than if you were able to see the interior fob in a direct line of sight. It might work a little but I think it could be made more efficient. Take a look at the photos posted in the article. Notice how brightly the fob is when sitting inside the frame compared to the inside frame of the Gaslight? There's a big difference.