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While you could spend time and money chasing the latest and greatest blade steel, sometimes all it takes is a new angle to make your cutting tasks easier. An efficient angle and larger blade make the 'kukri' an excellent knife design, but it's those same features that make it a little hard to carry. With design help from custom knifemaker Lucas Burnley, CRKT put forth their take on a kukri knife in a convenient folding form factor with the Buku.

The Buku delivers on the main draw of a kukri knife: a uniquely angled blade. Having the blade at that angle allows you to make short work of your everyday cutting and chopping tasks. The deep curve on the blade also gives it the usable cutting length of a longer knife while keeping a compact profile at just 3.75" of actual blade length. Finally, its 8Cr13MoV stainless steel ensures the blade retains an edge well and can be easily maintained.

At 7.7 ounces, this is a hefty knife, but its deep pocket clip makes for a more manageable EDC. When it's time to put it to work, the large thumb slot in the knife lets you open with one hand, even if you're wearing gloves. Once deployed, the blade secures thanks to a solid stainless steel framelock.

With such a strong design pedigree, you'd expect a mini folding kukri to run you a pretty penny, but you'd be surprised. The Buku is available at an accessible price point at the Amazon link below.

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Nice blade design and execution but handle is totally useless. Who designs these, knives with slippery when dry much less when wet, handles ? Must be engineers. How about adding something sticky or grabby like carbide crystals or some polymer derivitive ? Think about how bad you will hurt yourself when this knife slides in your hand to the blade tip.
Nikita ·
Yeah, agree but I think if they make it with some sort of what you say, style of this knife will go away. But i 100% agree that when knife slide on a hand it painful.