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Crabby Wallet V2

Jonathan Tayag
Crabby Wallet V2

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We've seen a lot of crowdfunded minimalist wallets come and go. If they're funded, they usually enjoy one production run and then they're gone. Not so with the Crabby Wallet. It's been in such high demand that production is still going strong. That's because it's also useful for carrying your other main essentials (like your phone and keys), making it an ultra-versatile and convenient minimalist wallet.

Made entirely out of elastic cloth, the Crabby Wallet is simple, secure, and light. In its main storage area you can carry up to ten cards as well as some folded cash. The elastic band that holds everything together also allows you to expand the wallet to include your phone. You can also carry your keys with it if you opt to attach the removable lobster claw keychain.

Pick out the accent color you like for the elastic band to add your own flair to your wallet carry. It's available for sale at the link below.

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3l3phant ·
I was a kickstart backer in 2013. I'm guessing/assuming their quality has gotten better since then. I ended up not being able to use the thing because the stitching was so frayed.