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6 Bug Out Bags to Prepare You for Anything

Jonathan Tayag
6 Bug Out Bags to Prepare You for Anything

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If you needed to escape a disaster right now, be it natural or man-made, what would you take with you? Chances are what you carry around everyday in your pockets won't be enough to make it through an emergency.

What you need is an emergency pack full of essentials to help you and those you care about get to safety. In the EDC community, we call this a bail-out bag or bug-out bag (you might also see it as a B.O.B.). Whatever you choose to call it, it's important to have one on hand and ready to go.

Before putting together a bail-out kit, it's crucial to start with a good bag for the job. To help you out, we've put together a list of great options for bug out bag duty.

What to Look for in a Bug Out Bag

The reality is that any bag can serve as your bail-out bag. But because this bag can mean the difference between life and death, it's important to start with a good one.

I recommend a small-to-medium size sling or shoulder bag for this purpose. If you choose a bigger bag, it becomes easy to overpack it to the point it becomes so heavy and impractical that you might end up not wanting to haul it. The increased weight will also slow you down in an emergency situation, both on foot and while digging through it for gear. Go with lighter solutions and carry only what you need instead.

LAPG Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag

A plethora of pockets and storage space define this bag. From large to small, there are pockets for all of your essentials. There are two dedicated water bottle holders on the side, and there's even a hidden storage compartment that can fit a carry weapon if you so choose. This is my personal favorite on this list and I actually have two: one is my bail-out bag, and the other is my personal under-seat bag that I carry with me when I fly.

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5.11 Tactical Bail Out Bag

The 5.11 Bail Out Bag has similar dimensions to the LAPG bag, but it ditches the water bottle areas for zippered storage and MOLLE mounts. It also has padding on the body-facing side to make it easier for you to carry when you need it. The strap is a sling style, and has a quick detachment buckle that lets you take it off in a hurry.

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Maxpedition Operator Tactical Attache

Maxpedition's option here is slightly larger than the first two. Aside from providing you a bit more storage, it also has a dedicated padded space for you to carry up to a 15.4” laptop. The outside storage areas feature an ID window to display credentials and an organizer that helps you carry along important papers and writing implements.

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Hazard 4 Ditch

Modularity is the name of the game when it comes to the Hazard 4 Ditch. Aside from the spacious interior, the exterior is covered in MOLLE attachment points. You can use them to stick on your favorite MOLLE-compatible pouches and organizers and make this bag your own.

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Blackhawk Stealth Advanced Battle Bag

All of the options in this list thus far absolutely scream tactical to the outside world. The Blackhawk Stealth Advanced Battle Bag goes in the opposite direction. While it provides a sizable amount of storage and even MOLLE attachment points, it hides these under a flap or against your body. This is a tactical bug out bag that will look as unassuming as a camera bag, and it won't make you stand out in a crowd of people.

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Condor 3-Day Assault Backpack

If you find you need a larger bag for emergencies, the Condor 3-Day Assault backpack provides enough space for you to fit just about anything and everything you would need in an emergency situation. It's covered in MOLLE for further customization options, and it even includes space for a hydration bladder.

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Do you have a bug out bag? What's your preferred bag to carry your emergency gear? Leave a comment below with your favorite bag for the job!

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Very appropriate considering the current Oroville situation where people were evacuated with very little time to prepare.
Joe Pitzner ·
I live in Sacramento and was going to take my buddy up to the area when the evac came through. One of his dogs were still in his house and he was down here for the day. I have been wanting to put together a good BOB and this moment made me realize how important it is to have one.
The only thing I would add is that you should be prepared to walk significant distances with your bag. Having a backpack with a waist belt would be something to consider for comfort as well as keeping your hands frees for other things. It's also harder to lose or have stolen if it's strapped to you in miltiple positions on your body.
Jack Timar ·
I know the current discussion amongst how Community is always about Molle and making it look tactical as opposed to blending in and going gray.
Personally when it hits the fan I just need a bag I can rely on I don't really care how it looks.
I personally use an Emdom TNT bag, I've had it for about 3 years but I've taken it everywhere with me on a daily basis and it's held up true.
My 5.11 Rush 24 is my EDC bag, but it's packed with enough stuff (wet weather gear, water, food, meds, unders) for me to survive a trip home.
White Knight ·
Hazard 4 is the one currently on my shoulder. Kato version. Shaping up extremely well. Great padding and deceptively voluminous. Only slight downside is access to main compartment as it's a 'portrait' carry. I'm attempting to get round this by carrying modular.
Bob Winstead ·
I have the LAPG Tactical bag, and use it for my range bag. It is a great little bag that has enough pockets that you can organize easily, and it is large enough to accommodate lots of gear. I definitely would recommend also.
Yuriy Okseniuk ·
I use Hazard4 Evac plan B. For these tasks more urgent, in my opinion
Andrew Lackie ·
Do You have a list of what you keep in your bug out bags?
I've been using the Hazard 4 MOD (Messenger of Doom) as my daily-work-laptop bag for a couple years and I love it. The MOD is the same bag as the Ditch, but it comes "preassembled" with the flap. I have also used their Side Winder - a sling version of their Second Front bag.
Daniel C Felsted ·
I carry a 5-11 Moab 12 as my day bag and it attaches to my Rush 72 that sits in my vehicle. Together they carry a lot of stuff.
Keep the Preparedness articles coming!
Andrew Lackie ·
Packing list of what you keep in your bags?
Jonathan ·
Here in the UK it looks like the best bet is the 5.11 bag - LAPG don't have a distributor and want $73 to ship it.
I used that LAPG bag for a nappy bag for my first two kids. I've recently swapped it for something more dedicated (with built-in change mat, wipes pocket, etc, etc) so I can use it as a gig bag for guitar cables, DI, strap and tablet.
TKsovereign ·
I will add my 2 cents here as I have done before when it comes to bags: do your research, price around AND be sure to look into a Utah based company 3VGear. They aren't as widely known as most and yeah their gear is suspiciously similar to much higher brand name gear (M'pedition) BUT you spend much less and get a LIFETIME WARRANTY. I have already put that warranty to the test on 1 of my 3 bags and they sent me a replacement super fast. I own the 2015 version Paratus, 2015-16 version Posse and now the 2017 version Outlaw (last 2 are sling bags). I'm no prepper/survivalist to any great extreme but I am prepared and getting more so over time for my family and I and 3VGear has helped me with some sweet packs. I recommend checking them out. They carry a lot of nice gear in general (hydration bladders, molle packs, long gun cases etc.). I think I spent more than 2cents lol