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The 10 Best One-Piece Multi-tools for EDC

Adam Molina
The 10 Best One-Piece Multi-tools for EDC

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When you think of a good multi-tool, you probably picture something like a Leatherman Wave or a Swiss Army Knife. Both have tried-and-true form factors that get the job done quite well, but all their moving parts tend to add complexity and bulk.

Some multi-tools, however, come with no moving parts at all. These one-piece multi-tools are ideal for people who can't justify carrying a full-sized pliers-based tool, or those who just want a smaller multi-tool for light duty use in a pinch. And while one-piece multi-tools might not be the most ergonomic to use, they make up for it in durability and portability.

Whether you’re looking to slim down your pockets or just want a backup tool for your keychain, a one-piece multi-tool could be the perfect compromise between functionality and convenience. In this guide, we'll help you keep your bases covered with the best one-piece multi-tools you can get.

Top 10 Single Piece Multi-tools

Griffin Pocket Tool

Whether you’re in a corporate setting or going through airport security, you might find yourself needing something that doesn’t attract too much attention. The Griffin Pocket Tool is one of those tools that provides plenty of functionality without raising any eyebrows. Griffin managed to pack eleven tools into a piece of metal small enough to use as your keychain. At only 3” in length it has six different sized hex cutouts, a screwdriver, pry bar, bottle opener, scoring tool, and a pocket clip so you can dangle it from your belt loop if you want. The Griffin Pocket Tool has had such success that it’s available in three different sizes and multiple metals, including the EDC favorite titanium.

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Boker Plus Access

If you’ve ever used your knife or pen to pry something you shouldn’t have, you could benefit from carrying the Boker Plus Access tool. Despite its light weight, the pry bar is strong enough for prying tasks thanks to its titanium construction. You can attach it to your bag or keys using its built-in carabiner on one end that also doubles as a bottle opener. Pulling back the O-rings on the carabiner reveals a small point that can be used as a glass breaker in emergency situations, while jimping along the sides helps you get a sturdy grip for tasks that require a little more leverage. You can’t go wrong with adding one of these to your carry, even if it’s just a back-up.

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TT PocketTools Chopper

If you’re going to EDC a multi-tool, being able to carry it easily is a requirement. A small multi-tool like the Chopper by TT PocketTools might be all you need to cover your bases. It’s roughly the size of a U.S quarter and packs nine different tools in one unibody design. Whether you need a screwdriver, boxcutter, or a wire stripper, the Chopper is a sturdy piece of metal that’s sure to earn a place in your carry.


MyKee Titanium Multi-tool

Keys are one of those things that you pat yourself down for before you leave the house, so adding a multi-tool to them is a convenient way to make sure you're always prepared. The MyKee Titanium Multi-tool is shaped like a key, but contains cutouts that let you do more than just open doors. This sturdy key has a convenient hex set built-in as well as a blade perfect for opening boxes or envelopes.

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Gerber Shard

The Gerber Shard is one of those tools that needs little introduction. Scroll through our user submissions and you’ll find that it’s one of the more common one-piece multi-tools around, and for good reason. This tiny stainless steel tool measures only 2.75” in length but has 7 tools cleverly integrated into its design. You’ll get a bottle opener, wire stripper, pry bar, and two flat head drivers on one end, with a lanyard hole and a phillips driver on the other. There’s a reason the Shard is one of the most carried tools on our site, and it isn’t just because of its low price.

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Boker Toucan

If you require a little more slice from your multi-tool, the Boker Toucan can get the job done. As a multi-tool, it has one tool that none of the other picks on this list has: a blade. It’s made of 440C stainless steel which makes it strong enough for tasks that might require a little more effort. A perfectly placed notch in the body makes it easy to hold safely whether you’re pulling up nails, screwing in a loose screw, or cutting some paracord. It comes with a Kydex sheath for storage and of course has a bottle opener for when the job is done.

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Schrade Keychain Pry Tool

A good knife can come in handy during emergencies, but they’re not always legal to carry. The Schrade SCTPT is a multi-tool that gives you some of that functionality back. Along with the usual suspects like a bottle opener, screwdriver, hex cutouts, and pry tip, it also has a built-in strap cutter so you can make quick work of string and cords. The Schrade tool can also come in handy in an emergency situation if you find yourself needing to cut away a seatbelt. It’s made of grade 5 titanium so you know it’s perfect for EDC, and at 3.25” long is the perfect tool for your car or your pocket.

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Leatherman Brewzer

Leatherman is one of the most trusted brands in multi-tools, so it should come as no surprise that the Leatherman Brewzer is one of the top one-piece tools out there. It features a simple design that makes its feature apparent and easy to use and is made entirely of stainless steel. It features a bottle opener and pry bar that are both useful and safe for travel.

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If you’re trying to slim down your pockets, try attaching multi-tools to your belt loop. That’s one way you can add the CRKT Viva to your EDC. It has a flat-head screwdriver, hex wrench slots, bottle opener, and pry bar all in one piece of 3Cr13 steel. The Viva is four inches in length which gives you some proper leverage when faced with a really stubborn nail, but still makes it small enough to be a discrete part of your carry.

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Lever Gear Toolcard

Like your keys, you’re unlikely to leave your house without your wallet. You can take advantage of that by slipping the credit card shaped Lever Toolcard in your wallet so you’ll always have it. This stainless steel multi-tool adds little bulk to your carry and has 40 built-in tools. That’s too many uses to name here, but it’ll cover your bases and then some. If you’d rather ditch your wallet altogether, it also has a snap on clip that you can use to hold your cash and cards.


Do you EDC a one-piece multi-tool? If you have a one that you think is worthy of the title “best," make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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No Doo-Hickey?
That really is the best option for the price. I love titanium, and I wish Nite Ize made one of them in Ti so it could match the rest of my stuff, but it offers the best available feature set at a convenient size and weight, and it's so cheap you can really use it because it's effectively disposable.
TKsovereign ·
By all means I was going to say that too: "no doo-hickey?". Man that thing is tiny and I wish it was a little bigger but it is a great box opener at work. Some of these though do offer a few more uses. This way my victorinox and kershaw stay sharp.
Scott Johnson ·
I carried one for 2 years until one day I realised I've never once used it.
Great article but avoid the mykee. I paid for one a while ago and they're now ignoring emails about dispatch dates. Despite saying they were doing a new order.
Omega ·
been thinking about decorating my key chains with some good multi tools, thanks.
Jack Rivers ·
I loved the doo-hickey. I was foolish and lost mine while on vacation. I now have a SOG MACV, a Pocket Monkey, and a Walmart survival card. I love all three. The MACV has the most functionality. I am constantly finding new uses for it (including using it as a spoon). I use my Pocket Monkey all the time. It is a great tool for simple every day tasks that don't necessarily need tools (the orange peeler is immensely helpful though). And my Walmart survival card is perfect for the days when I don't feel like carrying a knife in my pocket. The edge isn't sharp but it gets the job done. It also has unique functions not found on the MACV or the Pocket Monkey. I highly recommend all three and they won't break the bank either!
All-Purpose Guru ·
Infora Utility TU247 KeyTool Multitool Set. Tiny, powerful, inexpensive. Highly recommended.
Franklion ·
Man, the last 4 articles have been amazingly awesome. Great subjects! I'm loving them.

I was surprised to see the MyKee on here since during the Kickstarter campaign the guy burned so many people and had a sub par product. I almost got suckered but backed out in time. Hopefully he upped his game since he is on Amazon now. I wanted it to work out.

I have my eye on the mini Griffin. Mini! I However, I just got my Gerber Dime so would I really need a one piece plus the Dime plus my SAK classic? I don't carry the Dime in my pocket but the SAK so maybe.
Scott Johnson ·
I'm surprised not all of them have a bottle opener. So glad I don't live in a country where it's a live changing event to not have a bottle opener.
Christopher K ·
Since I never leave the house without a Swiss Army Knife somewhere on my person, I've found that I don't really need a tool like this, not for the tool aspect of it anyway. I carry a titanium Griffin (green anodized) because I've gotten so I can't live without the hook. It keeps my keys up out of the bottom of my pocket, and it's there for prying or wrenching if the need arises.
Jared Campbell ·
I carry the Griffin mini in Ti on my key chain and I love it!
Franklion ·
I just commented about the mini. I didn't know they had one.
Jared Campbell ·
They do, I've had mine for about 6 months... although I live in Canada so who knows if that means anything.
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