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Opinel Trekking Knife

Mikey Bautista
Opinel Trekking Knife

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Opinel knives have all the hallmarks of an everyday workhorse that make them an EDC favorite. They're inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to carry. Not to mention, they have a rust-resistant blade with enough length for precision slicing, a unique locking collar, and lightweight wood handles that drop the weight while still providing great grip. The No8 Trekking knife adds a few more features that make it a great addition to a weekend or bug out bag.

Starting with the blade, the No8 Trekking knife retains the signature Opinel slim drop point blade. At 3.25” and made from resilient 12c27 Sandvik Stainless steel, it's an ideal slicer when you need long cuts or for food prep. The Trekking knife series features a few handle colors besides the usual tan/yellow, so matching it to your EDC's color scheme is easy. Also unique to the series is a leather loop on the No8's handle, giving you more options for pocket retrieval or attaching it to your bag for use as an outdoor knife.

Opinel's knives are simple and effective additions to any EDC. With the Trekking knife series, they've added just the right options to make the No8 and even more versatile performer both in and outdoors. Pick one up in your choice of color from Amazon at the link below.

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Bladerunner337 ·
I have a No8 Carbon that usually stays in my "bushcraft" haversack and like it so much I added a Trekker in blue to my wish list. Received it as a gift for my birthday in Jan and love it! The Sandvik blade is great, and is my backup blade (primary being the Kershaw Cryo). I spent some time filing it down to more of a true drop point, and sharpened it to a hair popping edge. Thinking of a No6 for keychain carry, just because LOL!
Dennis ·
I still like the carbon blade , my opinion.
TonySal ·
Opinels should never be in colors! AHHHHHHH!!!
OK buy one if you like.....