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Topo Designs Quick Pack

Adam Molina
Topo Designs Quick Pack

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  TOPO Designs Quick Pack

A good backpack can go a long way, but sometimes even a small daypack can be overkill. Not to mention, you usually have to do a mini shuffle to sling it off your shoulder just to get to your gear. For short trips and lighter loads, you might want something that’s easier to carry, like Topo Designs' new Quick Pack. Whether you choose to carry it across your shoulder or close to the hip, you'll have quick access to all your essentials.

As the name implies, the Quick Pack lets you get to your gear quicker. Because it puts your most important gear right at your side, Topo Designs had to make it durable and versatile enough for EDC. Lining the pack, you'll find 400D pack cloth as well as highly water-resistant 1000D Cordura nylon at the base.

The larger compartment is perfect for storing EDC items that don’t fit in your pockets, like a notebook or water bottle. You’ll also find a slip pocket in that main compartment for quick access to important items like your phone or wallet. On the outside, there’s a smaller zippered pocket with another slip pocket inside, so there’s no shortage of organization here. The exterior pocket also has a handy clip to secure your keys, saving even more pocket space. The oversized YKK zippers found on both compartments come with colorful paracord loops so you can easily find them even when visibility is poor.

Everyone carries a little differently, and this compact 6L pack comes with plenty of options. You'll get a comfortable shoulder strap, bike loops, as well as travel bag attachment loops. Like many Topo Design products, the Quick Pack comes in a few different color combinations so you’re sure to find one that fits your style. If you’re tired of carrying big packs for short trips, definitely check out the Quick Pack by clicking the link below.


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Sam Nead ·
That manufacturer's tag! Maybe white/grey over black? Or smaller?
I found this bag on sale on the Nordstrom’s website earlier this month so I picked one up. The dimensions seemed perfect to carry a 40oz takeya water bottle that’s 3.75” wide. The listed dimensions are 13x7x4. The actual dimensions are 12x6.5x3 (external measurements) I’m pretty disappointed that it doesn’t work for my needs and is different than advertised. I left a full review on the Topo website but it was taken down within a day so I’m leaving the most important bit here. It’s actually smaller that advertised and the two slip pockets in the front organizer pocket are very difficult to access due to the diagonal front zipper. Build quality seems okay.
Thomas James ·
recently got this bag and i've been going through the motions with it-- here's a review from someone that was so excited when first viewing this online, as i thought the pack looked like a slick piece of minimalist, functional carry art . . . it's a clunky pack at best-- best things about it are the black and red colorway (my personal favs), the solid construction, and the neat little quick release clips on the shoulder strap . . .and now for the ugly: the secondary pocket zipper is just as huge as the main zip . . . it rides very high off the bag-- unnecessary overkill, possibly dangerous too!!! . . . if you walk down a crowded nyc street in the summer, zigging and zagging, sliding sideways from time to time, negotiating other pedestrians- you're almost sure to scrape up people if they happen to come in contact with this pack-- or even worse, take someone's eye out while walking down the isle of crowded airplane if this bag makes contact with the face of a seated passenger (i seem to get hit by backpacks all the time when i'm in the isle row ; ) -- not good. the fabric is thick and seems padded on the front and back, which is nice for protecting valuables but the thinnest part of the pack is the bottom-- if you carry "smaller" cameras like i do everywhere (fujifilm x-t2 and various 80's point and shoots, and instaxes), constantly picking up and putting your pack down on hard services(or even if you put the bag down once a day when coming home), you need to have good protection on the bottom portion of your pack (i can get past this issue by reinforcing the bottom with neoprene-- something i typically do on my bags and packs anyway to protect my macbook air corners and other gadget edges) . . . which leads me to my next issue: overkill under clips (maybe for a monopod or securing a jacket or whatever-- nice feature but. . .)-- don't need to be that big and that can just be an apex of impact for my mirrorless cam if i place the bag down on a surface . . . hip strap clips: again, huge!!!-- these are just plain clunky- no need for the clips to be that huge on a small pack like this-- reminds me of this 90's lowepro "fanny pack" i had gotten at a sample sale while in college in boulder, co for $20 (originally $80)-- it was nice and functional on the hiking on the trail but i now work in production on the streets of nyc, where it kind of looks like something from fisher-price for kids who have issues with small fasteners-- and it's a lot of clip to have to fold under when you want to put them away . . . diagonal direction zipper looks like a cool concept in theory but is actually pretty dumb for me as far as function goes-- i would be sure to lose a battery or two if i was rushing around and happened to forget to close up the zipper, at least halfway (sometimes i keep my packs unzipped for quick access to filters, tools, flashlight, etc-- can't do that with this bag!!- at least not with the secondary pocket) . . . now to nitpick: the logo tag is half the height of the entire pack-- ridiculous looking!!! if it was black or red or both it would blend with the intended look and feel of the pack, but even the branding is clunky . . . . and this next nitpick offense is almost sacrilege: the american flag on my particular bag is a third covered on one side- might as well come half-burned-- smh . . . i thought this bag would be my gateway drug into topo designs carryology-- no way, i'm sticking with mountainsmith-- my chris burkard shoulder bag just did me so right on a trip to japan-- removable, padded waist straps and all, and they do it right where secondary aspects and features don't need to be as prominent as primary features -- i now can't fathom why i thought the topo designs quickpack would become my edc for nyc gigs and beyond when i didn't require the extra room that the mountainsmith shoulder/waist pack provides (good photography and product shoot styling got the best of me i guess) . . . you would think that this was topo design's first go at a bag ever, and they would improve on it afterwards . . . no way can i trust a company that overlooks, what i see as total common sense aspects of modern day carry when they are already several years into the game-- tcolla
The product's website shows a belt sewn to the reverse side. I think this also works as a huge fanny pack.
Efrain Suarez II ·
It's not that bad, just not for me. I'm stuck between Tactical and gray man. Depends on the mood.
Arno Jordaan ·
Ill take a pass. Doesn't look comfy to carry. Id rather stick to a leather satchel or a one shoulder sling. Not for me.
Mark Tully ·
This is a total ugly femme purse. Seriously? If you're gonna carry a Man-bag, look at more attractive options of the same size from companies like Scaramanga leather satchels or Nutsac satchels.
Renegade Pilgrim ·
Yeah cause nutsac sounds so much better....
Mark Tully ·
It does if you have a sense of humor!