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SOG Terminus

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SOG Terminus

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As useful knives are as tools, the sad fact is not all knives can be carried everywhere. Local laws all over the world often limit the features in a knife you can EDC. SOG is one of the companies helping bridge what's legal and what's useful as a tool, and the Terminus is their knife to strike that balance. Putting together safe, non-threatening features with high-performance materials, the Terminus gets the job done in places most other knives can't.

The Terminus is designed to be an all-purpose knife, with its clip point blade shape that allows versatility with both slicing and piercing tasks. This blade is made from BD1 steel, a workhorse steel that's easy to maintain and sharpen. The rest of the Terminus is designed around its “friendly” aspects.

The blade itself is 3”, opens with a nail nick using both hands, and secures with a slipjoint mechanism, a combination of features that works well with most knife laws. This blade folds into rugged but lightweight G10 handles. With a slim profile, light weight (totaling 2.9 ounces), and a reversible deep-carry pocket clip, the Terminus is an excellent choice for an EDC knife.

The SOG Terminus takes old-world construction and design into the modern age of materials, giving you a knife that's both friendly and useful. You can pick up at the black Terminus at the link below, and be sure to also check out its tan alternative.

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Britt ·
Not a fan. Get a Swiss Army knife, they are not threatening at all and have more usefulness. That blade shape alone in this knife shown is threatening to people.
Britt ·
Oh, and you'll save a ton of money.
Syafiq ·
agreed. a black coated 3 inches blade with that kind of scales doesn't really seems people friendly.
Britt ·
Exactly, I mean, it may be a good knife and all, but most places I've been consider 3" or more to be unacceptable.