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Key Wrangler

Adam Molina
Key Wrangler

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Your keys are one of the more important items in your EDC, but they’re usually a hassle to carry. Though there are plenty of options out there for carrying your keys in an organized way, there’s always room for improvement. A Kickstarter campaign by cw&t has already been funded, and promises a fresh take on key organization. That pile of keys at the bottom of your pocket is going to be a thing of the past.

The Key Wrangler is a stainless steel carabiner with a unique design that ditches split rings for a single post instead. You can unscrew the post and add up to 17 keys in whatever order makes sense for your daily routine. The spring clip is strong enough to stay attached to your belt loop or bag when closed, but it's also springy enough to comfortably open without catching on your belt loop every time you go to open a door. Thanks to its carabiner design you can also use the Key Wrangler as a bottle opener in a pinch.

If you like carabiners for how easy they are to use, but find they’re not the best at key organization, then the Key Wrangler is a great way to get the best of both worlds. They come in three cool colors to match your style: classic silver, bright orange, or stealthy black. To learn more about this unique carabiner and how it aims to simplify the way you carry keys, make sure to click the link below.

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Scott Johnson ·
Very interesting design, now if they turned the clip 90 degrees and made this a pocket clip...
Matthew Gericke ·
$55 seems a bit aggressive for a stainless steel carabiner
Adam ·
On their website, they also make a couple of metal pens for $160
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