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Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Falcon S35VN Folding Knife

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Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Falcon S35VN Folding Knife

While mass-produced knives can get the job done, there's a difference between a knife that simply cuts and one that slices with style. And when you put together three industry icons' heads together to design and produce a knife, you can bet the result is nothing short of extraordinary. Designed by Ferrum Forge, a small operation out of San Diego that's big on custom design and quality, manufactured by WE Knife Co., a solid production company already making waves in the knife world, and produced by Massdrop, the hobbyist and enthusiast destination, extraordinary is exactly what you get with the Ferrum Forge Falcon.

Simply handling the Falcon gives you an idea of how scrutinized its design and features were, as expected of a custom knife from Ferrum Forge. S35VN steel was selected for its blade, the flagship steel from Crucible Industries and Chris Reeve that gives impressive performance and edge retention.

Don't be fooled by the blade's compact 2.9” length (you'll appreciate being able to carry it in more places, though). It features a bold, drop point design with details that draw your hand towards a secure grip. These include a large finger choil to lock your index finger in place while cutting, and a concave cutout with jimping along the blade's spine for a secure thumb grip.

The Falcon's understated handles belie the fit, finish, and function within them. 6AL4V titanium gives the knife an excellent strength while keeping a light weight, and titanium's springiness lends itself to a more reliable frame lock. The Falcon's blade deploys through Ferrum Forge's caged bearing flip action, giving it a smooth and effortless action that lets you get to the cutting much faster.

While engaged, the blade is held in place with a hardened steel lockbar insert, designed for the long haul to keep the knife safe even with hard use. A reversible 3D-machined titanium clip rounds out the Falcon's handle features, letting righties and lefties alike carry the knife with ease.

Thanks to WE Knife Co's production capability and Massdrop's enthusiast reach, the Falcon can reach the hands and pockets of every knife user, from collectors to hard-use outdoorsmen. Check out the link below to grab this one-of-a-kind collaboration for yourself.

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Robert Razavi ·
I jumped on this drop as soon as it became open to purchasers. I was, as a matter of fact, buyer #1 of this knife, as confirmed by someone at Massdrop on the discussion page! Pretty cool!

This has to be one of the best offers at this price range out there!
Kirk Williams ·
Are you people serious???? This is an amazing knife at this price point. Buy a quality knife and you will see the difference. Only problem is, you'll find a need for more.
0880 ·
This isn't a knife for those new to the hobby, it's for the enthusiast that can appreciate the sometimes subtle high-end features that this model delivers. I usually buy mid-techs in the $250-500 range but quickly jumped on this drop. Here are some examples of these features:

High-grade materials through-out like S35VN blade steel and 6AL4V titanium handles
Frame lock for the strongest possible lock in a folding knife
Hardened steel lockbar insert to prevent sticking from titanium lock face and decrease lock wear
A great utility blade shape that will be useful and easy to sharpen
Finger choil allows for choking up on blade for more tip control and helps secure your grasp in saber grip
Caged bearings system for smooth and fast blade opening/closing
Ceramic detent that should last much longer than steel and provide consistent flipping action
Cut-away lanyard hole for extended grip and easier pocket deployment
3D machined pocket clip that is usually only on mid-tech/custom knives

As I mentioned, these are mid-tech/custom features usually found on knives costing several times more than this. As of this post there are almost 1000 knives sold, still think this isn't a good deal? Getting into this price range isn't for everyone, but just because a knife costs more than $100 doesn't mean it's not a huge bargain.
Efrain Suarez II ·
I almost popped a pudgy reading your post. You make it sound so nasty! :)
Efrain Suarez II ·
Agreed. Great price for the knife. I have spent much more on quality knives and on custom knives as well. You have to be into knives to see it. I also have $30 knives (and cheaper) that I EDC and like them as well.
Akio Crimson ·
Won't break the bank, eh? How much money are you guys dealing with where $125 for a knife is pocket change? When you say "Won't break the bank", I'm thinking <$30
Akio Crimson ·
"$250 MSRP"
drelkins ·
Thanks for posting the price. When an article claims a low price point, but requires an account to actually see the price, I immediately lose almost all interest. Now that I see the high price tag, I not only feel validated, I feel like they were being dishonest and deceptive with this sales pitch. It might be a great knife, but as a prospective customer, this leaves a bad first impression.
Deleteaccount ·
Same here mate
John ·
That makes three of us
I thought the same thing. But I liked the knife so much I said what the heck, I'll give them my email address and see what happens. I wasn't disappointed. Compare prices around the web, you won't be disappointed either.
Can we confirm the actual price?
J.S. Leonard ·
It a Flipper though. I've owned but one flipper, a Hinderer XM-18. Sold it within a week as it was a PITA every time you attempted to open without announcing to the whole world " C L I C K!!!! HEY! I JUST OPENED MY KNIFE!!!". They are a novelty item that I see having no real advantage other than "I like them" or "They're just fun to play with". I believe the "Flipper" fad has ruined the folder market. Most of us who actually depend on and have needed to use a folder as a backup weapon don't carry or own a "Flipper" due to it shortcomings and safety issues. If this floats your boat rock on but be aware a flipper isn't the best avenue to go when purchasing a folder regardless of how awesome it's components are.
Nathan Stuart ·
How do you feel this knife stacks up against say a Kizer Gemini. Different blade grind but all in all identical materials.
Robert Razavi ·
This is designed in the US, by two guys who are entirely dedicated to their craft. Then manufactured in China by an up-and-coming new semi-indie knife manufacturer. Personally I think this is a slightly superior knife to the Kizer (which is fully awesome in its own merit, by the way!).