Direct Action Dragon Egg Mk II Tactical Backpack

Direct Action Dragon Egg Mk II Tactical Backpack

As the world moves and changes, so do your needs. And when it comes to gear you rely on every day, you can't afford to be stuck doing the same old thing to keep up. Direct Action aren't ones to shy away from change, so they've hatched a new version of their Dragon Egg backpack. It keeps all the elements that make it an excellent tactical daypack, while improving accessibility with redesigned pockets.

The Dragon Egg is a 25-liter backpack that's built for the modern EDCer, hitting all the right beats for both urban and tactical needs. Three zippered pockets include a large main compartment with an internal hydration sleeve and mesh pocket, a rear padded pocket for comms or a 15” laptop or smaller, and a front admin pocket with internal organization for your loose essentials. New to the Mk II are side pockets which fit narrower items and can expand to fit modern water bottles. Finally, a soft velour-lined pocket lets you safely carry a pair of glasses or your phone. The backpack is made from 500D Cordura nylon treated with a water-resistant coating for use during any weather or activity.

Expansion and customization is where the Dragon Egg gets beastly. On its front is a laser-cut webbing system compatible with MOLLE and PALS that give you modular expansion without adding an extra layer of bulk. Pairing this with daisy-chain webbing that runs along both sides of the front panel widens your carry options even more, letting you attach carabiners or extra gear. The Dragon Egg's shape makes it more comfortable to use when worn with belt kits or ballistic vests, and its adjustable shoulder straps and ventilation system let you carry the pack with ease for even the longest operations.

The Direct Action Dragon Egg Mk II is a modern backpack for modern needs. Pick one up in your choice of color or camouflage at the link below.

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Something I wanted to add as well is I have noticed the trend of having EDC bags that dont look or look as tactical but internally do serve that fucntion. I like this because I live in NYC and work in high value target building. For instance the random bag checks at Grand Central Station. I will also get stopped by NYPD, Metro North PD on occasion because of the tactical looking rucks that I carry. The covert (tactical) bags are looking very good to me more and more.
My first look at this bag had me thinking maybe then I took a serious look. Without having had one in my grubby little hands at first blush the shoulder straps look too narrow and not that comfortable. The colors offered along with the MOLLE/PALS attachment points smack too much of the military tacticool/wannabe look for me. While there are those who would love one of these and I respect that, I left the military a long time ago so for me no thanks.

BTW you may want to look at this for an EDC pack review.

Mine is for weekend traveling, hunting, and it's my carry on bag when flying. It's a lot more useful that the pack you have reviewed here. For example the shoulder harness can be removed and it can be attached to a larger pack and used as a large external pocket.
Another one that I was turned on to and plan at some point getting as well. I especially like the Kit Bags.
Always wondered about these. For EDC I rotate between the Vanquest Ibex-20 and the 511 MOAB I may have to try out the Mk11.
Don't waste your time or money. I own the Direct Action Ghost and while the bag looks nice, the make up of the bag is nowhere near what it's advertised to be. For your next purchase, I suggest the GORUCK GR2 or the First Tactical Tactix 1-Day Plus. I own both and have suggested both to friends of mine who have purchased those bags. I wanted to like Direct Action Gear but the materials and craftsmanship is nowhere close to what it should be.
I was afraid of that. Thank you for the warning. Ive been I balling the GORUCK for quite some time. I like the owner, the POU (nutnfancy) of the system, etc. I have researched day in and day out and anyone that has one loves them. can't get enough of the ruck. I was thinking of doing a couple of challenges as well, I'm no where near my fighting weight. I'll make the time and make the purchase. Thanks Allen.
I use the MOAB 10 for work, carrying my water bottles, ID, and general miscellaneous. It's slim, and the versatility of a slingpack works very well. However, I found that whenever I didn't cinch up the shoulder strap, the entire pack would swing around to my front side during times that I bent over and leaned to one side or another. I ended up purchasing a stability strap from Hazard 4 and rigged it up like the Hazard 4 sling packs, using a Grimlock mini carabiner as the bag anchor point. It works well now and I would say it's generally a good EDC bag, however, if you need to carry items that are wider than the height of a Surface 3 tablet, I'd look for another bag