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If you could pick a top 3, what would they be?
Top 3 so far.. Buck 112, Ontario Rat 2, and Leatherman Crater. My all time favourite is my Rat 2 it's tough as hell,easy to sharpen, and small and light for every day carry. Yes I have a lot of knives..I spend every free minute outdoors exploring, camping and hunting here in Canada. The bush is tough and you need to be ready for anything. Biggest things you need to be aware of are Grizzy bears and Timber wolves..
Wow! Youve got a freakin lot of knives for a truck driver! 👊
To the right of the pink Opinel. Are you sure that is a SOG Flash Tanto? That looks like a generic assisted Chinese knife with a glass breaker and a seat-belt cutter .
I purchased it from eBay years ago, it came in a SOG box and it says Flash Tanto on the blade. It's not assisted, the thumb button is the lock release. It was very inexpensive so it being a knock off of some sort would not surprise me.