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Benchmade 319 Proper

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Ed Jelley
Benchmade 319 Proper

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When you think of a proper gent's knife, Benchmade knives probably aren't the first to come to mind. But with their new 319 "Proper," that's all about to change. It's Benchmade's first take on a classic slip joint folder. It's a non-locking folding knife with a ton of character, crafted by one of the best blade makers in the USA. It’s significantly less aggressive than Benchmade's usual offerings thanks to the blade size, shape, and handle materials, but it's every bit as capable for EDC.

Instead of the cheap carbon steel you commonly see on slip joints, the Proper uses a corrosion-resistant, American-made CPM S30V steel on its 2.86” blade. Its sheepsfoot blade shape is ideal for a variety of cutting and slicing tasks, thanks to the large belly and distinct point. In keeping with the traditional slip joint design, the Proper comes with scales made of either red contoured G10 or a dark green micarta resin that both give a unique tactile feel and extra grip. It opens and closes with a nail nick and the slip joint mechanism keeps it firmly in place. There’s no pocket clip, but there is a lanyard hole so you can easily grab it from your pocket.

If you've been wanting a knife of Benchmade's caliber but prefer less tactical knives, the Proper is an excellent place to start. Pick up this modern, soon-to-be-classic from Benchmade via the link below.

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Yogi ·
For that price I will keep looking for a Fantoni Dweller ($125) preferably in Amboina Burl wood.
The handle design on this 319 with the small finger choil seems to come right from the Dweller design.
Yes the dweller is a slip joint Wharncliffe blade instead of this sheepsfoot design but neither is tacticool.
The Dweller is known Italian quality instead of hit or miss that has become Benchmade based on various reviews.

As a side note:
I would like to order a Benchmade Valet but would likely need to have the company sent 6 to find a keeper based on the Shinola Valet reviews.... If cannot check it out in person it is a pass.
Richard Blaine ·
Well to tell you the truth I don't think you have been in the business long enough to make a proper review of the BM Proper. Your comment about "cheap" carbon steels. Well, traditionally your old school slip joints have been made of carbon for a reason! They are easy to sharpen! Today almost everyone is a gearqueer or tacticool looking for steel that will stay sharp forever and most can't sharpen the knives they have unless they have a "Wicked Edge" Carbon may be cheap as far as money is concerned but remember that this country was forged and wars fought and people killed and camping done and hunting done and the wilderness built all using carbon steel. Why do you think they use carbon in industry to cut stainless? I don't think you have been in the business long enough to make qualified reviews! My opinion! Deal with it!
Maid Madsen ·
I will most likely grab one of these as my next knife (and a few more Moras). My wife has been asking for a nice sheep's foot blade for awhile now & they are a tough shape to come by in something made out of decent steel.

I have experience with Benchmade's S30V and I liked the steel quite a bit, just not the particular blade. I'm not the biggest fan of the Benchmade factory angles either but I think the grind on this blade will help with that as well.

Shame it's not an assist open though. There are better options out there for and EDC slip-joint foot blade they're just really tough to come by and cost a little more. But with a 2.2mm blade / back it's gonna be able to do some considerable damage when called upon. Excited to see / hear more.
JR ·
Without a kick at the heel of the blade it will cut your finger if it accidentally closes, otherwise a nice modern approach to a slip joint folder.
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