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Keyport MOCA Keychain Multi-tool

Mikey Bautista
Keyport MOCA Keychain Multi-tool

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For one-piece multi-tools, maximizing space is the name of the game. Keyport know a thing or two about that, as you might've seen from their flagship key organizers that combine your keys and essential tools into a sleek package. Their latest key carry upgrade, the MOCA Multi-tool, seamlessly adds 10 handy functions to a Keyport Pivot system or any keyring you're carrying.

Since it's designed to slide into Keyport's Pivot system, the MOCA is near-invisible in your pocket at 2.7” long and weighing only half an ounce. But within that tiny stainless steel frame it manages to fit in a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver doubling as a scoring tool, a cord cutter/box opener, 3 wrench sizes, and a 2” ruler on its long side. Its Pivot slot also functions as a key ring hole, letting you attach the MOCA to a split ring or most standard keychains for ease of everyday carry. And since it has no exposed edges or sharp points, it's TSA-friendly as well, making it an easy addition to any traveler's EDC.

The Keyport MOCA has no problems bearing the brunt of your everyday tasks whether you EDC it in a Pivot or not. Pick one up from Amazon at the link below.

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Paul Tobeck ·
Like the Brewzer, bottle opener is too far back for any leverage, especially when not mounted on the Pivot.
Josh Downes ·
To get leverage when not in the Pivot, you just push on the front while pulling up on the back at the same time and it works well. It does work the best mounted in the Pivot though.
Paul Tobeck ·
Hey Josh. Yeah, back placement openers like the Brewzer and the Doohickey work, just not well compared to other options. Pushing on the front while pulling up on the rear is awkward unless the tool isnt mounted to anything, but these are at least designed to be on a keyring. For a lot of people, the opener is a convenience and not the primary reason to carry a tool like this. I like to point it out for guys like me who enjoy craft beer that these back-placement openers don't work that well. My choice is the CRKT Viva, and even it has it's drawbacks. I sometimes wonder if these EDC designers even drink!
Seth ·
the hole for the key is a bit too small to put in my Bellroy key cover, which was dissapointing.