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Leatherman Juice CS3

Ed Jelley
Leatherman Juice CS3

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When you're traveling, bringing your EDC along for the ride is never easy. You can just about forget about anything with a sharp edge on it thanks to airport security and local laws that are only getting stricter. Luckily, Leatherman's new Juice CS3 is not only plane-friendly, but it's also packed with functionality for everything from lunch in the breakroom to a campground cookout. It features four useful tools and the build quality you'd expect from the Leatherman brand.

Instead of sporting the plier-based clamshell design of the rest of the Juice tools, the CS3 cuts it down to half the size, with just one aluminum handle. It’s both lightweight and compact, weighing only 1.5oz and measuring in at 3.45” closed. Inside, you’ll find four fold-out tools made from 420HC high-carbon stainless steel. There’s a pair of spring loaded scissors, a combination can and bottle opener, and a corkscrew. It's a handy set of tools for opening food packaging or getting drinks flowing when you're out and about.

Whether you’re looking for a travel-friendly tool, or just want something lightweight in your pocket, the Juice CS3 makes an ideal option for your EDC. Pick one up in Cinnabar Orange, Columbia Blue, or Moss Green at the link below.

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Ben ·
You won't get that on a plane with that corkscrew. Certainly not in Europe.
Jeff Povey ·
The scissors would definitely stop you getting on a plane with that here in England
I happen to own a Juice CS4 myself, so I like what Leatherman is going for here. However, I don't know how well it was executed. What they ended up with is essentially just a $30 wine opener, but with scissors replacing the traditional foil cutter. I am not fully convinced this is a great trade off. Now add a small knife and you have a tool that is pretty nice-- but you can buy a decent wine opener with small blade (foil cutter) for a fraction of the price. While it is noteworthy that the lack of blade might make this easier to travel with in your carry-on, I am somewhat skeptical this is easily pulled off. For one, TSA strictly prohibits wine openers with blades from being carried on. Secondly, TSA has a subsection under prohibited items / knives specifically called "Leatherman tools" (yes their brand is so ubiquitous, they called them out by name!) My point being, I think it will be a hard sell to your run-of-the-mill TSA agent to discern one of these, that appears to be a wine opener and also boldly emblazoned with the brand "Leatherman", from an actual prohibited item.

Drop the price a bit, and add a knife and Leatherman would be keen to market these as a top of the line restaurant tool for the professional in the service industry.
Andrew Beuzer ·
This just looks like a Leatherman corkscrew.