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Ti2 Para-Biner V2

Ti2 Para-Biner V2

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Just how much functionality can you squeeze out of a carabiner? That's a question Hawaii's master metalworkers at Ti2 strive to answer with every product. With their latest release—the Para-Biner V2—they push the boundaries of utility and collectibility yet again. Not only is this updated Para-Biner an EDC toolkit by itself, but with its many exotic iterations it can also be the centerpiece of any everyday carry.

The Para-Biner's name comes from its two main functions: paracord and carabiner. You all know how useful paracord is for EDC, so having some handy (maybe from a paracord bracelet or lanyard) adds to the Para-Biner's functionality in the right situations. With its series of pulleys, holes, and cinches, it allows you to create a pulley system by itself or in sets to reduce friction and effort when hauling extra heavy loads.

It's not a one-trick pulley pony, though. The Para-Biner by itself (or themselves, as it comes in two models) is a competent one-piece multi-tool, with a series of wrenches in either imperial or metric in its body and a beefy pry edge at its tip. With its size and generous jimping, prying, driving, scraping, or simply plowing through packages is a comfortable task. No need to worry about being careful with the Para-Biner, either. They're performance-built from your choice of titanium, zirconium, bronze, or copper—some of the hardest-working (and best-looking) materials available.

Whether creating complex suspension systems or wanting to add one of the most functional and robust carabiners to your EDC, the Para-Biner V2 delivers right out the gate. Ti2 have already smashed their Kickstarter funding goal, so hit the link below to pick out the best Para-Biner for your carry.

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The only problem with this carabiner is...it goes beyond a tool and jumps into the realm of art...I think I want to fame it and just show it off. ...this Ti guy has some mad skills. It looks like it was masterfully lasered, machined, tumbled, plated then etched. much respect
I think the real problem might be, someone wanting to take it from you, because it is such a great piece of work.
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