Everyday Carry

4Ever Survival Knife

Everyday Carry
4Ever Survival Knife

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"A durable fixed-blade knife for everyday adventures. We dig the angular design and circular perforations in the blade. In addition to its full tang 440C stainless blade, it packs a kit of survival gear inside its handle. Available with..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Maid Madsen ·
Love the idea but I honestly don't see a ton of 'innovation' here that would justify the high cost of this blade (If they think these are going to fly at $300 - $375 retail they're dreaming). The holes are cosmetic (or blood holes, I suppose)...Why not make them each (or at least 1) a standard 'driver bit' size? I modded my (now gone) Benchmade Saddle Mountain scales / hollow tang to do this exact thing in a few minutes and carried more...illicit material in it. ;)

Not trying to be a downer. I really love the blade and the motivation behind the design. The sheaths are gorgeous and simple. The Scout Carry option is fantastic (my preferred method of carry). I'd be on board if the steel was better. The Damascus option is pretty much just for show and paying $200 to get a $300 knife by next year is ridiculous.